When Industrial and Vintage Blend, the Wonder Never Ends

When it comes to our decorating style, I have always believed that, just like our personal one, it is much more complex than some of us might think. Each one of our choices is made under the influence of our personality, our passions, our interests, and our experiences, which can only mean one thing – a single decorating direction simply can’t help us reveal who we truly are as a person. That’s why so many people buy and combine different pieces and elements until they create a tastefully unique whole that screams their name. Although the possible combinations are practically endless, professional interior designers have noticed that the fusion of industrial and vintage home décor ideas is among the most popular ones. Let me tell you why is that so.

Well, first of all, since nowadays more and more people are embracing a more eco-friendly lifestyle, upcycling and repurposing old items has become an important part of our everyday life. And we all know that both industrial and vintage interior design style honor everything that is old but well preserved, right? That’s exactly what makes them so wonderful together. Inspired by this powerful duo, numerous furniture designers and manufacturers have started making and selling stunning pieces of industrial vintage furniture at affordable prices.


Another reason incorporating a blend of industrial and vintage elements into your residence is such a great idea is the fact that these two distinct decorating styles balance each other perfectly. As you may already know, industrial homes are filled with rough materials (such as metal, concrete, and exposed brick) and rather cold colors, whereas vintage residences are elegant, romantic, and nostalgic about the past. If you don’t want to choose either of these two extremes, you can always pick all the industrial and vintage elements you like the most and fuse them carefully.


In case you need inspiration, here’s the story of how the marriage of several old and worn items and a couple of brand new pieces of industrial vintage furniture transformed my loft into the dreamiest home I have ever owned. Firstly, I turned the beautiful 70-year-old suitcase my grandmother gave me for my 20th birthday into a gorgeous coffee table, one that complements my beige fabric sofa bed flawlessly. Next, I displayed my grandfather’s film camera and some of his beloved hats on top of my new antique wooden sideboard (there was no way I was going to leave grandpa out). And finally, I finished the look of my home with the help of a red classic faux brick wallpaper. I couldn’t be more in love with a place!