When To Use CPAP Nasal Pillows?

Many people today deal with sleep apnea, and fortunately, there are many products which are quite effective in minimizing and preventing the symptoms of this sleep disorder. Nasal pillows are one them. Regular usage of nasal pillows, will give you the freedom during OSA therapy. They not only contribute towards better breathing pattern, but will also help you sleep more comfortably which will ultimately increase the quality of your sleep. Before you buy nasal pillows, there are few things to consider.

Nasal pillows are really simple to use and what differs them from Cpap masks is that they only cover the tip of your nose since they are attached at nostrils. This is probably one of the main reasons many OSA patients choose nasal pillows since they do not cover the whole face. Many people feel discomfort when wearing traditional Cpap masks and some even feel claustrophobic because, unlike nasal pillows, Cpap masks cover most of the face. Also, nasal pillows can be worn while watching TV or reading a book. However, nasal pillows are not for everyone. You must be comfortable breathing through your nose in order to use this Cpap device.


There are different kinds of nasal pillows. Some models extend further up into the nose, while others attach just at the base of nostrils. Which model is more comfortable depends solely on the patient and personal preferences. The best thing about these pillows is the way they are secured on the head which does not interfere with your natural sleeping positions. CPAP nasal pillows are also very easy to put on and take off. They come in different sizes so consult with your doctor which size is best for you. There are three world-known manufacturers which produce nasal pillows – Fisher and Paykel, ResMed and Phillips Respironics. There are other manufacturers, but these three are the best on the market at the moment. So, if you want quality, buy Phillips or ResMed nasal pillows.

Because nasal pillows have unique design, it is very important for them to fit right in order to provide constant air flow and make your sleep comfortable. You must keep your nasal pillow clean all the time to avoid infections which may be caused by dirt. If sometimes you feel that you are not getting enough air when using the pillow, then pull it away from your nose and let the pressure re-inflate the pillow. To ensure impeccable performance, to improve your sleep and prevent OSA symptoms, always buy high quality like Resmed nasal pillows.

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