Where Geared Motors Are Used

The geared motor is a highly sophisticated device that consists of an electric motor and a gear box. This device is a central part and plays very important role in many electrical and electronic applications. Today on the market, large number of companies manufacture gear motors which are used in many products and for different kinds of equipment. These motors provide effective support for the electrical and the electronic applications and have gear trains which are capable to provide high torque at low shaft speeds.


The main characteristics of these motors are the miniature form factors, great strength, torque and other technical characteristics which are required by many different applications. Their performance characteristics make them to be ideal for many applications that require controlled performance. They also have quality characteristics like reliability, durability and compactness and are designed to be used in medicine and healthcare, automobile systems, drive systems, positioning, industrial/consumer actuators, etc.

Car And Automotive Applications -The gear motors play essential role in the automobile industry. Many different car features and components are powered by geared motors. For example, the wing mirrors can be electronically adjusted by pressing on a single button. This function is enabled by the gear motor. These small motors are also used for adjusting the seats in the car, opening the doors, etc. The many options provided by these motors give the automobile engineers the freedom to develop many new and useful car solutions and applications.

Positioning Actuators – The geared motors are very important parts or building components for the positioning actuators. These positioning actuators are used in many industries like the automobile industry, robotics, medicine and healthcare, and for many telescopic applications. The gear motors are also seen as an essential component for many industrial and consumer actuators. The typical consumer applications of the gear motors are: printing devices and machines, electrical toy cars, electrical curtain rails and many more. When equipped with such motors, the actuators perform different operations very smoothly, efficiently and plus, they save power.

Medical Applications – Many medical applications and operations are powered and enabled by the geared motors. They are used in many sophisticated medical devices, like the robotic surgical arm which is used by medical professionals to perform delicate surgical operations. The practical usage of these motors in many devices allow the medical professionals to operate with greater accuracy, precision and control.

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