Which Instances Are Considered Dental Emergency?

Emergency dentist

Although we all have different perspective regarding what is urgent and what is not, still, there are certain rules we have to adhere to regarding dental emergencies and the proper response to them in certain days and hours. Below we have listed the most common instances in which you should immediately contact a reliable emergency dentist and prevent further damage to your teeth.

Loosing a Tooth

Almost everyone has heard at least one story involving sudden loss of a tooth, or maybe this scenario has happened to you or a close family member: A person trips, falls and a tooth is forever lost! This unpleasant situation usually impacts the frontal area of the mouth, therefore it is both an aesthetic and pain related emergency. Apart from being tremendously unpleasant and frightening appearance-wise, this situation is also very dangerous because it includes bleeding and impact that can affect the nerves of more teeth at a time. Healthy teeth can turn into deteriorating no-gooders overnight if they have been struck with overbearing force.

Severe Toothache

A severe toothache can refer to many different possible issues, the most common one being dental abscess, but one thing is for sure – no one can stand it. The severeness of it is there to tell us something more that taking a few pain killers, therefore, this is a very urgent matter that needs to be addressed as soon as possible by an emergency dentist.

Fractured Jaw

Since a fractured jaw can cause a chain of different abnormalities such as difficulty opening the mouth widely, bleeding from the mouth, facial bruising and swelling, it is righteously considered a dental emergency. The swelling and the bleeding may even close the breathing passages and the fracture itself can alter the position of the teeth. The fracture can be caused instantly by an injury, or gradually, by exposure to constant flow of cold air in the workplace or at home.

Chipped Tooth

Some people tend to consider chipped tooth as an emergency too, but if we compare it to the situations explained above, it is easy to determine that this is a pure case of aesthetic emergency that does not impose instant hazard to the overall dental health of the patient. However, everyone has the right to contact an emergency dentist, whatever the reason, since the sooner you address the issue, the sooner you will heal.

Always make sure that you are well prepared for your appointment, whether urgent or not – carry the necessary contact info and pray that there is no delay!