White Basics Maxwell Williams Dinner Set

If you want to purchase a luxurious and sophisticated dinner set, don’t look any further than White Basics collection by Maxwell Williams. Maxwell & Williams is among the most reliable brands for cutlery, cookware, glassware and various kitchen appliances, accessories and tools. As a kitchenware leader in England, Maxwell & Williams has built a world-wide reputation in about 15 years. Excellence in the quality and the affordable homeware, are the two things that define this brand. Maxwell & Williams will definitely exceed your expectations, whether it is one of brand’s simple yet stylish dinner sets or a set of glasses.


The first product by Maxwell & Williams was a simple white dinner set and a few accessories, which served as a basis to becoming a leading provider of affordable and quality homeware. Today, the White Basics Maxwell Williams is in some sense, a trademark of the brand. From the simplest shapes to incredible white pieces, the White Basics collection is perfect for those who love mixing and matching. Simply put, this is the go-to collection regardless of the lifestyle.

In the range of White Basics Maxwell Williams, you can find the perfect dinner set for any occasion. It is an easy way to add sophisticated elegance to your table. From dinner plates, bread plates and salad bowls to cereal bowls and mugs, the White Basics Maxwell Williams sets match with every décor, setting and occasion. It is brand’s fresh approach to elegance.

The Maxwell & Williams White Basics provide an elegant, fresh and clean look to any table setting, no matter if it’s dinner or lunch. Each piece is made from high-quality, durable porcelain, and are microwave, oven, freezer and dishwasher safe. With superior quality and elegance hidden in simplicity, the White Basics Maxwell Williams is both functional and contemporary and is at the forefront of design trends. This collection is serene and elegant and a perfect way to discover a classic beauty of simple fine bone china.

The simple white design allows you to combine the Maxwell & Williams dinner set with your existing tableware. Also, this dinner set can be perfect both for everyday use and for more formal gatherings (e.g. engagement, a jubilee, graduation, etc.). Moreover, this collection makes a perfect gift for best friend’s engagement party, your mom’s 50th birthday or your colleague’s retirement. Classic beauty is always the best way to go. And that’s exactly what White Basics Maxwell Williams collection is all about – elegant silhouettes and delicate curves.