Why 3 Phase Sockets and Plugs are Essential for any Industry

Because of the higher voltage used for all processes completed in industrial settings, there is a need for better quality sockets that can provide greater safety for anyone using them. The most often used ones are the 3 phased socket and plugs that have industrial grade build and are deigned with more safety features in mind than most home used sockets. The safety of the employees is first on the list when these are made, covering many common problems associated with sockets, such as short circuiting, overheating and many others. In order to prevent working hazards, there are many safety features added on such sockets. They are primarily connected to the environment they are going to be used in, from industrial areas that use heat in their production to companies that use chemicals in their manufacturing.


Most 3 phase socket and plug models are labelled with different colours to indicate the amount of voltage that runs trough them. Blue is used to represent 220v and red is for 380v – this is very helpful as it ensures that no mistakes are made at a glance. Some models come with a waterproof cover or sleeve as to ensure no short-circuiting and an interlocking switch that ensures the line won’t be disconnected. When the socket is not being used, the cover prevents dust or any other materials from the workspace from getting into the socket.

Since their use is most commonly for industrial purposes, every 3 phase socket has a very tough and durable build to ensure they can withstand an industrial environment. Most of the attention is turned towards making sure they are very resistant to heat, both from the outside (since most industrial complexes use heat for their manufacturing process) and inside (since the high voltage can produce a great amount of heat). There are also plugs and sockets designed for industries that use chemicals in their manufacturing. They feature a special plastic casing for their build that ensures they can withstand the chemicals and fumes that might pose a threat.

There are many different models and features, designed to withstand the environment that they are going to be used in. As mentioned previously, these sockets are not intended for home use but for industrial complexes, so they are built accordingly. Safety precautions are the number one priority when these plugs and sockets are designed, making sure that all employees using them remain safe from dangers.