Why Are CAT Backhoe Loaders So Popular?

A backhoe loader is a piece of heavy equipment, composed of a tractor part, a backhoe part and a loader part. It has been around for over 40 years and it has become one of the most commonly used machines on many job sites. The most popular backhoes are the CAT backhoe loaders, which are sold in more than 100,000 units. Although the backhoes are not the most efficient machines for specific applications, still many construction companies prefer using backhoe loaders, more precisely CAT backhoe loaders. The CAT backhoe loaders are present on the market since 1953 and are sold worldwide. Today, there are many backhoe loader manufacturers on the market, but the CAT backhoe loaders are simply outstanding.

Caterpillar Backhoe

One common reason why the CAT backhoe loaders are so popular is their ability to move dirt and dig holes with ease. For example, they are used for digging holes for cable installations or for setting up foundation for buildings. The backhoe loaders from Caterpillar are very compact and can easily move around a job site and on the road. However, the mini loader and the mini backhoe unit are smaller in size when compared with a standard backhoe loader, but when a construction company needs to perform both digging and loading, it is best to have a machine that can perform these two tasks at the same time.


The CAT backhoe loaders are also popular because of their amazing capacities. There are some models that dispose with huge power, a maximum of 65.5 kN of force and maximum outreach of around 8 meters. The CAT backhoe loaders are capable to lift loads of maximum 3.970 kg and to hold 1.3 cubic meters of dirt with a standard metal bucket. A construction company that performs different works would rather invest in CAT backhoe loaders instead in a specialized equipment, simply because the Caterpillar machines offer efficiency and excellent performance.

So, would you rather go for the versatile and reputable CAT backhoe loaders that can perform a variety of tasks or for some specialized equipment by a not-so-known backhoe manufacturer? The choice is yours.