Why Replace Your Stock Exhaust With an Aftermarket Performance Exhaust

Every gearhead knows the impact the exhaust system has on their car’s performance. Replacing the stock exhaust with aftermarket exhausts Australia experts recommend it is best to be done almost as soon as you purchase a new car. The reason being is that a stock exhaust system is practically chaining your engine when it comes to it producing horsepower and torque. However, you shouldn’t blame the manufacturer for the shortcomings, as their main aim is designing an affordable vehicle which appeals to a wide audience.

However, that doesn’t mean that you’re limited to the stock exhaust. You can easily invest into an aftermarket performance exhaust and reap all the sweet extra horsepower and torque. Installing aftermarket exhausts Australia vehicle experts recommend, is the cheapest and most cost-effective way to give your engine more power as they stand the test of time and restore the roar. Let’s go into more detail about all the benefits you can get from an aftermarket exhaust.

BMW Exhaust

More Horsepower

An aftermarket exhaust without any other alterations to the vehicle, can increase its horsepower and torque by over 10%. The reason this happens is because the pipes on aftermarket exhausts are wider, thus allowing more breathing room for your engine. Better yet, they reduce back pressure to a minimum, allowing the engine to work freely on its combustion cycle.

Better Fuel Economy

Performance aside, one of the biggest benefits you get from installing an aftermarket performance exhaust is improved fuel economy. The numbers might not be astronomical, but you will definitely spot the difference. The reason for this is because as the engine breathes easier and freer, it makes the combustion process go smoother, therefore it burns fuel more efficiently.

Restore the Roar

Vehicle manufacturers reduce the sound levels of their vehicles for a few reasons. An aftermarket performance exhaust breaks this guideline. Yeah, the performance increase is great and all, but nothing gives you a tingling sensation like the rumble of an aftermarket performance exhaust. The muffler is what causes these sound differences, the chamber in an aftermarket muffler and the different metals it’s made from can all have a huge impact on the sound.

Off-Road Ready

Stock exhausts are usually made of mild steel, which is good but not good enough for off-road conditions. Stainless and aluminised steel both have weather resistant properties and are corrosion and wear resistant. The hot gas can take a toll on mild steel, while aluminised and stainless steel aren’t phased by it at all. Stainless steel is incredibly tough, and it can shrug off blows from off-road acrobatics like flies.