Why You Should Buy Thermal Imaging Camera

As a part of our everyday lives, temperature is a measure used in many applications. To check our body temperature for illness, to check the weather temperature, to determine if a car is overheated or if the food is cooked thoroughly. Thermal imaging cameras take measuring temperature to a higher level. This means that instead of getting a number from the measured temperature, you get a picture showing the temperature of different surfaces.


Thermal imaging is a technique which produces a picture of invisible infrared light emitted by object with the help of a thermal imaging camera. However, thermal imaging cameras do not see temperature. They capture the transferred infrared energy from an object to its environment, producing a picture in a cooler palette, where cooler object appear darker and hotter object appear brighter.

Thermal Imaging Camera Uses And Application

The thermal imaging camera is becoming an everyday tool in the home inspection industry. Many people buy thermal imaging camera in order to verify home and building performance specifications, to locate moisture intrusion, verify structure design, locate leaks, etc. Generally, thermal imaging cameras are used for identification of thermal patterns that can be used to diagnose some condition or find something.

Industrial Use

In industry, thermal imaging cameras have been used for finding hot spots that lead to defects in electrical and mechanical installations. Motor control centers and electrical cabinets use thermal imaging cameras that can detect anomalies at an early stage, in order to avoid breakdowns and save money.

Building Use

Building professionals buy thermal imaging camera in order to find building defects, like insulation losses, which can save huge amounts of energy.

Border Security Use

Border security specialists use thermal imaging cameras to protect the borders against smugglers and other criminals. Through thermal imaging cameras, they are able to see a man distanced 20 kilometers away in the darkness.

Commercial Security Use

Thermal imaging cameras are also used in securing facilities, such as airports, warehouses, nuclear facilities, estates, etc.

Maritime Use

FLIR thermal imaging cameras are being used in both yachts and commercial vessels. They are used for night time navigation, man-overboard situations, shipboard and anti-piracy.

Law Enforcement Use

Thermal imaging cameras are used by police officers to see without being seen. This way they can find suspects without being noticed.

Outdoor Use

Outdoor enthusiasts can make use and buy thermal imaging camera in order to see clearly at night.

Gas Detection Use

Thermal imaging camera is also a great way to detect gas leaks.