Will Graphic Calculators Survive an Era of Smartphones?

We can all agree that we live in a world driven by technology. Over the past few years, smartphones have been in high demand in Australia. The use of these multitasking devices has expanded inasmuch as the use of many other electronic devices was reduced and even eliminated. When there were no smartphones, you had to take a watch, camera, mp3 player, portable TV, graphic calculators and many more gadgets for a single trip. Today, you have all these devices in one – your smartphone.


We believe that with the advancements in the technology, the “power” of the smartphones will continue to grow. Even though smartphones haven’t still taken off completely, it seems that in near future they will replace our wallets as well. Namely, many banks in Australia have special mobile applications that allow online paying through smartphone applications.

No matter how hard we try to deny it, smartphones will “kill” many electronic devices. The question is, how many devices will survive? Or, is there a device that will survive? Although it seems impossible, the answer is ‘yes’, there is still hope for some devices, such as graphic calculators. Here are few facts that defend the use of the graphic calculator in the future.

  • Only Graphic Calculators Are Allowed During Most of the Standardized Tests

    In most standardized testings in Australia, the use of smartphones is not allowed. No matter the type of the test you are taking, for any calculation needs, you will be able to use only a calculator. Smartphones are banned because they provide an easy access to the outside resources and give the testee a possibility to cheat on the test.

  • Smartphones Are Too Distracting to Be Used in the Classroom 

    Although there are mobile apps that can perform the same functions as graphic calculators, smartphones are not allowed in classrooms because they can be too distracting. For example, students can get easily get distracted from the classroom activities by text messaging or using social medias. For this reason, smartphones will probably never replace the graphic calculators in schools and universities.


  • Uniformity Eases the Teaching Process

    The use of graphic calculators is most appropriate when it comes to teaching. For example, if all students use different calculator apps on their smartphones, teachers would have to spend time explaining how to use the device instead of teaching. This is why all students must use the same graphic calculators. It is easier for both sides. Simply said, when all students use the same device, it is easier to achieve a consistent workflow in the classroom.