Wisdom Teeth Extraction Story: Why You Shouldn’t Worry

I don’t like pain, and dentists equal pain. Well, at least for the most of us almost acting like grown up men… This irrational fear is what has always kept me in check when it comes to taking proper care of my teeth. Nevertheless, blame it on fate or whatever it may be, a few weeks ago, during one of my regular check-ups, my dentist informed me that two of my wisdom teeth should be extracted. Apart from freaking out over the sound of extracted, it was even worse when I hear the word that rhymes with it – impacted which set me up for a much more complicated process.


Once surgery day dawned on me, I went to the clinic, filled out some paperwork and before I knew it, I was in the chair and they were getting me ready for the procedure.

My dental surgeon opted to give me both laughing gas (to help me relax) and dental sedation. Because I was unconscious during the entire wisdom teeth extraction procedure, neither discomfort nor pain registered within my brain. And while the extraction took a whole hour, I had the impression I had a quick nap, no more than fifteen minutes.

My mouth was numb and I felt a bit dizzy, but the dentist labeled all of that normal and suggested to call a friend to drive me home since the anesthetic doesn’t wear off that quickly. A few hours lately, as the dentist had warned me, I did feel some light pain which was easily manageable with painkillers.

Due to the swelling, pain and tenderness in my mouth, I opted for eating only soft meals such as soups and mashed potatoes. Overall, I can say that my wisdom tooth extraction went a lot easier than I expected.


If you too have wisdom teeth that need to be removed, but you are afraid of the process, let my story be the stepping stone to realizing that wisdom teeth extraction is not a horror story. There’s no denying each case is individual, but when in the hands of a skilled dental surgeon, even if complications do arise, they will know how to handle it properly.

Ask your friends and family to recommend a dental surgeon they know and trust and schedule an appointment to see how you feel about the person, clinic, etc. All of this can help you ensure a good extraction experience.