A Woman Beginner at Snowboarding: What Are the Gear Essentials?

Same as with skateboarding, snowboarding as a sport and culture welcomed women with ease. As a well-established sport, it’s among the most popular at the Winter Olympics and is also present on the scene worldwide with competitions and events. It shouldn’t come as surprise this allowed it to draw more attention.

Besides taking a person out of the comfort zone, it’s great for burning calories, improving one’s flexibility, engaging the core muscles, as well as strengthening the lower body muscles and boosting the mood. Furthermore, when you get better at it, you get to travel around the world and visit the famous snowboarding spots if new places interest you.

Taking these benefits into account, there’s been growing interest for the sport from women too, which also resulted in a growing market for specialised snowboarding gear for women, starting from the versatile womens camber snowboards.

The Gear Needed to Begin with Snowboarding

As a beginner, you might be worried whether or not you’d be able to get a hold of the sport. Forget about this, and focus on having fun instead by first learning the basic skills like how to stay centred, distributing the weight evenly with both feet for balance and how to work on the stance. Of course, the next important thing is to get the needed snowboarding gear. Plus, with the help of the right gear, everything will go a lot more smoothly. 

The Snowboard 

Sure the clothes and accessories are essential, but first and foremost focus on the snowboard itself as it’s your main “tool” to get into the sport.

Since there’s a wide variety of womens snowboard models, getting the right one for you is often of a personal matter concerning the design. But you should still look into details like size, length and weight to be sure it’s the right fit for your size and weight. For instance, if your feet go over the edges when you stand, then you’d need a wider one. Whereas for the weight, if you can’t easily pick it up, you’d probably do better with a lighter design.

Moreover, there’s also the difference between camber and rocker snowboard. The first one has midsections (i.e. curvatures, angles) and as such it provides springiness, perfect for edge control with turns through thick snow. The latter is the opposite because the board doesn’t curve up but down which makes it better to float through the snow. So, if you’re after turning power and edge stability, choose one from the range of womens camber snowboards.


To be able to use the board and make your way through the powder as you ought to, you need the help of suitable boots too. The right fit is mandatory, same as it is when you buy your regular pairs of shoes – if comfort is what you’re after mind the size.

Additionally, same as with choosing the women’s snowboard from a range of options, you’d have to consider features like flex and stiffness. As a beginner, you won’t need the stiffness required for making it down the slopes at high speeds, so you’re better off with the flexier designs that, by the way, are also ideal for the park riding style.

Lastly, you might want to pay attention to the lacing system too as it has to do with efficiency and again the right fit. If you don’t mind lacing up yourself, you can get the traditional lace-up system, whereas if you want something easier you could pick from the quick pull and boa.


Once you’ve got your pair of boots, it’s time for the bindings. The differences in the designs are in the entry and close system, followed by the flex and height of the backplate. Since you’re new to the sport, you’d better stick to the more comfortable flexier and lower highback plates and leave the stiffer for when you master the skills of manoeuvrability at speed.

Head Protection

Not to scare you, but in the beginning, you can expect to have some falls here and there. To be able to avoid any injuries, you’ll need the protection of a helmet. I know you might rather go without one, but think like professional snowboarders, professional skateboarders, and bikers – if you want to be safe with the sport, protect the head.

As there are various models, you need to choose one not only based on the fit but whether or not you plan on wearing it with balaclava too for more comfort and protection from the cold and sun. Speaking of sun, having in mind goggles are other essentials you can’t do without to avoid sunburned eyes, you could choose a helmet that provides a clip system to secure the goggles.


It’s all about layering when you’re out on your adventures through the powder. Given that you’re going to be in the middle of the snow, you need something that’s got waterproof and insulating properties for the upper layer to keep you warm and dry. This goes for the pants, jacket as well as the overalls. For the base layers, you require fabrics that are breathable and moisture-wicking like organic bamboo, wool, and synthetics.