Your Guide To Buying A Faux Leather Bag

If you are a person who loves animals and does everything he can to protect them, but at the same time likes to look fashionable with leather chick handbags, then treat yourself with a faux leather bag. Besides being a more affordable option, opting for faux leather will definitely make you feel more proud of yourself for making it possible to protect animals and look stylish at the same time.

And to complement your diverse outfits, there is an immense variety of faux leather ladies bags for sale in both online and offline stores Australia wide. That means your options are numerous. But as you may know, faux leather is totally different from genuine leather, thus, requires different care. So, before making a purchase, you should understand these differences so that you ensure you are getting a bag with the features you are looking for.


Faux Leather Qualities

  • Colour

One of the best ways to get a faux leather bag that looks like a real one, is to choose conservative colours. A traditional black or brown bag will look more similar to the real thing. While real leather bags come in all colours, they do not have the same naturally rich look as nautral hues have. But if what you want is vivid colours, faux bags that feature bright shades and unique effects will certainly fulfill your desire.

  • Texture

Real leather has a specific texture, which is referred as its ‘grain’. The best way to make faux leather look more realistic is for manufacturers to stamp it with the same kind of texture. However, the scale of this texture may vary. Thus, for example, a low-quality leather has a pronounced, coarse grain, but some buyers tend to consider leather with the finest, almost invisible grain the best one.

  • Sheen

If there is one thing that reveals whether a bag is made with faux leather, it is high sheen. Even highly polished leather features a soft luster and not a glossy wet look. Although there are some exceptions, the patent leather has a glossy finish, but it is not 100% real leather. It is the plastic coat what creates the intense shine.

Caring For Leather Ladies Bags

Those who are used to cleaning and caring for genuine leather may find themselves surprised about the ease of caring for faux leather. As with most items, it is a good idea to check the bag after each use and take care of stains and spots right away, rather than have to use a strong chemical to clean the bag later on. To take care of dust that accumulates due to not frequent use, use a clean, soft, dry cloth. Most faux leather ladies bags come with specific care instructions, such as cleaning the exterior of a dirty bag with a clean, damp cloth. For extremely dirty bags, you can use an appropriate spray cleaner or mild detergent. Make sure to check the product label to ensure it is safe to use on the bag’s material.