A Guide to Clipsal Iconic Switches and Sockets

There are dozens of reasons to upgrade from older switches and sockets. You’ll want the added safety newer versions to provide, the convenience and efficiency in charging your devices improved aesthetics and better build quality, and something more in tune with the times and the overall look of your home. For Aussies, shopping for switches, sockets, and cover plates couldn’t be any easier. With established brands like Clipsal, and the distinct and well-thought-out product lines they have in their catalogue, getting everything you need is just a short and simple click away. 

Why the Clipsal Iconic Range?

Clipsal has several complete electrical supplies lines for residential use, and the Clipsal Iconic Series slots right in the middle between the more basic and general-purpose C2000 series at one end, and the Modena and Saturn series sitting higher up the price range. The line includes standard and architrave switches, switch plates and grids, and a range of switchable sockets, some with inbuilt RCD protection for added safety, and others with USB charging points for convenience. There’s also the choice of replaceable switch and socket skins in different colour schemes to blend in with the surroundings or stand out. This can be changed out without having to access screws in the grids, 

The ability to customise the look, layout, and functionality doesn’t end there. Switches can be had with plain dollies, or feature pictograms for added ease of use and functionality. In addition, the line has all the networking connections for the modern networked home, from TV sockets and plates to Cat 5E, 6, and 6A RJ45 connectors, RCA audio connectors, HDMI and telephone sockets, and more. Lastly, the Clipsal Iconic Range rounds out with varying electronic accessories for increased home functionality, with options like push-button or rotary dimmer switches, timers, and their innovative ControlLink Mech to control multiple dimming switches at once and link individual switches together.  

Clipsal iconic range
source: clipsal.com

Rich Feature List

These sleek and slim electrical accessories from Australia’s most trusted brand in the business offer a host of innovative features, a slew of customisation options, and future-proof usability. Of note are the innovative modular mechanisms, with changeable skins and dollies, and supplied with locking bars for simple and safe use. The incorporated protective flaps allow changing between the wide range of skins by simply clipping them in place. Some come with translucent edges to blend in with wall colours. 

woman turning a Clipsal iconic switch on
source: ezisparki.com.au

Proprietary Tech

A nice touch is the addition of LED indicators and locators, either to tell you that the switches are operating, or to help locate switches in the dark. The inclusion of energy-saving tech proves convenient with the motion sensor switches in areas like staircases pantries and walk-in-robes, while also cutting down electricity bills. Additionally, the company’s Night Walk tech is a motion-sensing skin that activates an LED light for a duration of two minutes. 

Clipsal iconic switch
source: designboom.com

Bluetooth and More

There is also the option of Bluetooth functionality when configuring all push-button switches, dimmers and timers from the supplied Wiser Room App and the ease of your phone or tablet. Programmable options are the 24-hour timer and 24/7 day scheduling functions. The same app is used to configure timers and time clocks, so you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to turn off the lights or other devices. With the ControlLink feature, lights and switches can be controlled from anywhere in the home. 

Clipsal iconic wiser
source: sparkydirect.com.au

No More Clutter

For charging portable devices, the Iconic switch and socket range comes with either dual USB charging points or a three-socket USB charger with an integrated cradle to hold smart devices. An ideal and convenient solution to clear the clutter in bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms. The same applies to the range of connectivity options, with up to six HDMI, TV, AV and telephone sockets able to be mixed and matched in one single Iconic wall plate. 

Clipsal iconic socket
source: clipsal.com

Designs and Colours for Different Decors

All switches and sockets in the Clipsal Iconic Series are based around an electronically safe grid plate, with up to three different skin designs. With the grids in place, changing between skins is easy if you ever decide that you’re tired of the look, or want something that’s more in line with your remodelling plans. There are also four colours to match just about any background. Choose vivid white with a solid or translucent edge, warm or cool grey for a more subdued look, or anthracite for additional emphasis. 

Clipsal iconic switches different colours
source: saleluxear.com

Styl or Essence? 

Within the range, there are two additional skin style languages, Styl and Essence. The Styl line oozes elegance, texture, and simplicity, coupled with a finish in a choice of three metallic colours.  The anodised and sandblasted aluminium skins are both durable and stylish, and the rounded edge design plays with light in distinct and eye-catching reflections. 

The Iconic Essence skins go for a modernist look, with smooth, round wooden edges. The reinforced and UV-resistant ABS plastic cover matches seamlessly with the real birch edges for a classic feel. Both Styl and Essence skins are easily interchangeable. 

Clipsal iconic switch
source: designboom.com

Final Word

With a range of designs, colours, interchangeable skins, and forward-thinking tech, this is Clipsal’s stylish, innovative and above-all affordable line of electrical supplies ready to make a statement in your home.