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The Message Bible: Review & Reasons to Make it Your Modern Choice

Not many books have such influence on every aspect of human as the Holy Bible. The Bible is the foundation of Christianity, as well

Exploring the Theological Understanding with The Shack Book

The Shack is often called the best selling Christian-inspired novel written by William P. Young, a Canadian author. Since its publishing in 2007 until

Good Grief Book Review

Losing someone you love or something you care for profoundly is extremely difficult. When grieving, you can experience different hard-to-deal emotions, like anger, pain,

Explore Faith With The Book Every Day With Jesus

Packed with life-changing events, the book Every Day With Jesus will fill your heart with love; it will inspire you to live in victory,

The Inspirational Album Glorious Ruins

Personal and corporate worship is the ultimate message of New Hillsong’s live album, called ‘Glorious Ruins’. Being completely dedicated to the church, the album

Win The Inner War With Battlefield Of The Mind Book

There is no doubt that TODAY we live in a world full of worry, confusion, doubt, depression, anger and condemnation. There is no doubt

Who Are “The Big Six” Book Publishers

The expression “The Big Six” is generally utilized inside distribution and book publishing circles to discuss the six biggest publishers and distributors in the

The Inspirational Life Of Akiane Kramarik

You may have heard or read about little children with unique and amazing talents, but you have probably haven’t heard about Akiane Kramarik. Described

Boundaries Book Review

Do you think that you have full control of your life? Have you ever felt that some people are taking advantage of you? Have

Crazy Love by Francis Chan- Book Review

Francis Chan, the author of the book “Crazy Love”, is the founding pastor of the Cornerstone Church in Simi Valley, California. His first contact