The Inspirational Life Of Akiane Kramarik

You may have heard or read about little children with unique and amazing talents, but you have probably haven’t heard about Akiane Kramarik. Described as a little prodigy, Akiane begun drawing pictures at age of 4. Since the moment she learned how to hold a brush, Akiane was drawing pictures on a level far beyond her age. No one at her family was an artist, but still her drawings attracted a lot of attention all over the world. By the age of 8, she had enough drawing skills to start painting portraits on huge canvases.

Akiane Kramarik was born in 1994 and was raised in an atheistic family. But at age of 4, Akiane started dreaming about God, and she indicated that God inspired her to start painting and to write poetry about Him. Her realistic encounters with God never stopped inspiring her, and she still talks about them, about her visions of a new future with nothing but love and harmony. Akiane Kramarik quickly became popular all over America and the rest of the world.


Today, Akiane Kramarik is 20 years old, and she is still writing, painting and inspiring people about her unique story that proves God’s greatness. As she has dedicated her life to God, Akiane is focused on making the world a better place for living. Her artwork and poetry is being sold for thousands of dollars, which she donates to poor people all over the world. Celebrities, priests, ministers, CEOs, leaders and ordinary people who share the same goal of helping people around the world, have bought artwork and poetry from Akiane Kramarik. Her work can be seen at many museums, monasteries, galleries, churches and universities.

At age when most kids cannot speak well, the child prodigy started her mission of making the world a better place through her drawings and poetry. In order to spread her inspiring story all over the world, Akiane learned Russian, Lithuanian and the sign language. In her free time, she loves reading Christian books, she also play piano, draw (a lot) pictures, and prays to God. Akiane is also an author of two best-selling books, both published in 2006: My Dream Is Bigger Than I, and Her Life, Her Art, Her Poetry.

So far, Akiane Kramarik has a collection of over 200 published artwork, over 800 literary creations, hundreds of prime-time television and radio guest appearances, and she is even included into the Kids Hall of Fame.