BMX Bikes: Important Factors To Consider

When you think of a BMX, what usually comes to mind is some daredevil pulling dangerous tricks or racing around a dirt track. And it’s true that BMX riding is a popular adrenaline activity, however the bike itself is a lot more versatile than that. For instance, its small size makes it an ideal choice for younger kids to learn how to cycle. What’s more, these bikes have an especially sturdy construction which makes them a popular choice for cruisers as well. If you’re already considering getting one, here are some important things to have in mind.

24 Inch Bmx Bikes

Size Matters

The size of the BMX is dictated by how large its wheels are. For instance, the smallest bike has 20 inch wheels and smaller frames, making it a good choice for kids and anyone who likes greater manoeuvrability for pulling tricks. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a great cruiser, consider the models with bigger wheels, like for instance 24 inch Bmx bikes.

Besides bigger wheels, 24 inch Bmx bikes also have bigger frames which means they aren’t a suitable option for a young child. The larger the frames and wheels are, the heavier the bike will be and thus harder to move around for swirls and tricks. However, both 24 and 26 inch bikes are very reliable bikes with a strong construction which can withstand years of heavy use. What’s more, 24 inch Bmx bikes can be awesome for giving you enough momentum to hit a bigger jump.

Frame Materials

If you’re considering getting a BMX for cruising around, it’s always good to invest in a stronger frame. Steel frames can provide plenty of strength and are the best option when durability is in question. However, steel frames also tend to weigh you down, meaning they might not be a good choice for race and stunt bikes. If you’re looking for a bike to perform tricks with, consider one that has a frame made of a lighter material so that you can have better control over the bike. Frames made of chromoly steel are both lighter and stronger too.

Be Careful with Brakes

Concerning brakes, you need to be careful because not all BMX bikes have them. The ones that don’t have breaks are used for freestyle tricks. But if you’re new to BMX riding, a model with brakes is a must. BMXs are very light and because of that they can have trouble stopping unless you know how. Some models come with removable brakes which you can remove once you become more confident.