Bohemian Fashion Style

If you are a fashionista, you know Boho is the style hot right now. Even if you do not follow fashion, it is hard to miss the Boho vibe that is everywhere (just type Bohemian fashion online and see how many style ideas come up). At least it seems it is. From earrings and other jewelry to sandals, clothing and beachwear, Boho has taken over the fashion industry. Often associated with Hippie or Gypsy, and recently with popular English actress Sienna Miller and world-wide known supermodel, Kate Moss, Boho is the synonym for free-spirited and independent.

Is Boho your style? Is it the trend you should wear now?

Contrary to the popular belief, wearing a typical Boho-inspired outfit, doesn’t make you look like you’ve just been a part of the popular Big Fat Gypsy Wedding series. The Bohemian style is much more than fashion, it is a way of living. The main clothing pieces which define this style include but are not limited to flow-y dresses, colourful scarves, one-of-a-kind headwear and long wraps with mystic patterns; such pieces make a unique, astonishing outfit combinations, perfect for every urban girl, willing to express her personality and lifestyle in a creative way.


When it comes to colour, there is a wide pallet you can choose from (ranging from earthy brown colours, black and gray shades as well as a lot of light vibrant colours such as burgundy, purple or sea blue), to create Boho-inspired look.

Another important element you will certainly notice at every Bohemian fashion online or offline store, are the accessories. The bunch of over-sized earrings, necklaces and bracelets, as well as the indispensable headbands, all are the recognizable mark of the Bohemian fashion style. Accessorizing is the way of expressing yourself, no matter the effect you want to achieve.

Last but not least, the way you style your hair and the makeup you wear are more than important for a Boho-chick look. Popular Boho hairstyles include natural wavy hair, braids and for the bravest Boho girls, the dreads. When it comes to makeup, creating a mysterious appeal is best achieved with black, brown and nude shades. Furthermore, for complementing the overall look, the dramatic lipstick colours are a must. Some of the colours that work best for completing the unique, trendy Boho look are black cherry, intensive red and pink as well as most of the nude nuances of brown or other earthy colours.

One rule to remember, there are no rules. It is all about colours, patterns and layers, lots of layers.