Canine Comfort: How to Choose the Right Outside Dog Bed for Your Furry Friend

Your yard can become a true heaven for your pooch by simply providing it with a comfortable bed that will be resistant to the weather elements. Investing in the right bed that will cater to your dog’s needs can contribute to its overall well-being and enhance their outdoor experience.

So why not treat your furry friend with an extra cosy and weatherproof outside dog bed that can bring indoor comfort to the great outdoors? Let’s face it, canines spend most of their time sleeping and resting, so giving them a dedicated space to do this outside can help them foster a sense of security and contentment.

What to Look For in an Outdoor Dog Bed

dog laying in the outside dog bed in the garden

When it comes to selecting outdoor dog beds, it’s essential to understand your pet’s individual needs and sleeping habits as well as how resistant the model is to outside elements. Additionally, you may want something easy to maintain and clean, since your pooch will oftentimes curl up on the bed all dirty and wet.

Size matters

Your dog’s size will dictate the size of the outdoor pet bed. Logically, larger breeds require larger models and vice versa. But besides the size, their sleeping habits can also influence how large it needs to be. If your canine friend likes to stretch out and spread all over the bed, it makes sense to go for larger options that provide enough space for seamless movement.

On the other hand, some canines are anxious and want something they can feel safe and protected in. So, opting for a smaller size that comes in plushy and soft bedding that is weather-resistant will make a good choice for your pooch. Regardless, you should strive to choose something that accommodates your canine’s size and provides enough space for comfortable sleeping and rest.

Comfort and Support According to Your Dog’s Needs

It’s not uncommon for pet owners to question – Do dogs prefer hard or soft beds? Every breed has individual needs. It’s important to identify if your furry friend has some health issues that may require extra padding and support. According to your pup’s health requirements, you may need to opt for a soft and plushy variety, a mattress or an elevated bed with a solid and sturdy construction.

For example, if you have an older pooch that might suffer from joint issues or a young puppy that needs support for its developing body, a cushioned bedding that has a stable base makes an ideal option. Furthermore, a soft option with bolstered walls that has a deep sleeping area works very well for dogs that need a sense of safety and protection.

Look for Weather-Resistant Materials

If the area where you live is prone to rain during a certain season, when it comes to outdoor dog beds, choosing a water-resistant lounger should be a priority. There is a specific range of outdoor beds that are crafted from water-resistant fabrics. If you’re concerned about the style, you can rest assured that these water or rain-resistant beddings are quite stylish. They are designed with water-repellent outer materials that are comfy, yet look cute and stylish.

But even if you live in drier areas, getting your hands on beddings resistant to outside elements like dust, wind, mud and strong UV radiance will make the ultimate difference in your dog’s comfort. Additionally, you can find options that are designed with air pocket technology, providing excess air and breathability to your pooch during periods of high temperatures.

What’s more, oftentimes weather weather-resistant beds come with additional protection against fleas and mites, which contributes greatly to the hygiene and physical health of your pooch.

Ease of Maintenance

Another thing to consider when choosing an outside bed for your pup is if the bedding comes with removable covers that are easy to take off and wash or a construction that is easy to clean. Not only it’s less of a hassle when it comes to cleaning, but this type of bedding allows quick drying which is effective in preventing the creation of mold and mildew.

Style and Design

As much as you want to keep your dog happy and provide it with the ultimate comfort and enjoyable experience, you also want something stylish-looking that will integrate seamlessly into your yard. No need to worry about finding a stylish bed that will be able to provide all the benefits for your pet’s health.

The sheer availability of styles and designs ensures finding a bed that will complement your exterior and resonate with your aesthetic preferences. In fact, the modern design of outside beds allows a seamless process of selection and you can be rest assured to find one that works well with your yard decor.

Types of Outdoor Dog Beds

dog laying in the blue outdoor dog bed in the garden

There are several types of outside loungers and each comes with different specifics.

Raised Beds

Raised beds are some of the most popular choices for outdoor purposes for your furry friend and rightly so. They are elevated at a safe level from the ground, enough to keep the bed dry and prevent it from coming in touch with water and mud, and provide your dog with ultimate comfort.

Water Resistant Beds

As mentioned earlier, water-resistant options are the ultimate craftsmanship when it comes to outdoor loungers. The material is easy to clean, it successfully works against soaking water inside the bedding, and they are available in different styles and designs. They are comfy and designed to provide a safe and enjoyable snooze.


Not only do they look luxurious and stylish, but mattresses are also designed to provide a comfortable lounging for your pet. There are different styles of mattresses, designed to suit the individual needs of your dog. Some come with gentle rises, allowing your canine friend to rest their head, while keeping an eye on the area. Others are designed to provide your pooch with an even distribution of the body weight and decrease the pressure on joints and hips or generally sensitive body parts.

Dog Futons

These are cushioned platforms that resemble pillows or mini sofas and are designed to provide a comfortable snooze and rest. They are pretty easy to clean and maintain and they can also come in anti-allergy options, crafted from natural materials such as organic cotton. You can also use them as an addition to elevated models and are ideal for weekends away. What’s more, they can be used as indoor and outdoor beds that can keep your pooch warm in winter and cool during summer.