Captivating: Unveiling the Mystery Of A Woman’s Soul

John and Stasi Eldredge’s bestseller Captivating is an outstanding book that talks about the precious life God has given to women. Through this adventurous story, authors want to awake all the women in the world and to help them set their hearts free. Captivating is an excellent book that carries an important message to all Christian women. Every woman has her own desires and longings that were never completed just because they are afraid of being rejected from the world and left alone. Fear and shame are the worst enemies of every Christian woman. These strong feelings is why many women make wrong decisions and suppress their true desires, dreams and sincere feelings.


As the authoress says, ”we share something deep and true in our hearts ” we just need to relish those feelings and set ourselves free from the constrains that the society has set for all of us. Captivating is a life changing book that talks about the essence that God has given to the women and that they need to look deep down in their hearts and listen to that inner voice that screams the ultimate true. Compared to other books, Captivating does not simply points out the key elements to a perfect womanhood in few easy steps. Instead the book shares the idea that every woman longs for three things: to be romanced, to be an irreplaceable role in a great adventure and a beauty that needs to be unveiled. Captivating urges women to fight to experience all that and not to just dream about these things while watching romantic movies.

Both Captivating and Wild at Heart are one of John’s best selling books that reveal the secret desires of both men and women. Together with his wife Stasi, he made a book that has changed the lives of women all over the world. Life is more than just every day chores, errands and household duties; you need to set the desires you have entrapped in your house free and start living to the fullest. This book clearly reveals the fact that women from around the world dream of a romance and being saved by a prince on a white horse. Well that’s exactly what Captivating unveils, the fact that you don’t need to dream about such things, instead work on realizing those dreams. Captivating runs this message through a series of quite emotional and moving stories about women and their beautiful blossoming into wholeheartedness. What makes Captivating so popular is the outstanding blend of John’s clear tone and the youthful vocal personality of Stasi capturing their feminine views in extraordinary stories.