Mirror, Mirror on My Ford: How to Choose Aftermarket Ford Mirrors for Focus

Driving in the city during rush hour comes with its share of risks. And I learned that when someone side-swept me and knocked out the wing mirror on my 6-months-old Ford Focus. Although it could have been worse, I was lucky that it was only by side mirror that got damaged. Wing mirrors, in general, are one of the most vulnerable parts of a car. Even if you avoid the rush hour, you can easily damage your mirror while backing out of the garage, or overestimating clearance when parking. Fortunately, replacing door mirrors is often affordable and simple when you choose the right ones.


And that’s another thing that I’ve learned from my accident. Aftermarket replacement parts are more affordable and often better quality than OEM parts. So, after contacting the dealership and finding out that it would’ve cost me a fortune to get original mirrors, I went with the aftermarket option. If you too are considering getting aftermarket Ford mirrors for your Focus, here’s what to consider.

Determine How the Mirrors Are Adjusted

Like most cars, the Ford Fiesta has mirrors that can be adjusted manually or electrically. Manual mirrors can be adjusted either from the outside of the car by hand, or from the inside of the vehicle with a lever or cable. On the other hand, power mirrors are electrically connected to a control mechanism on the driver’s door panel that allows you to automatically fold or unfold them. Aftermarket power mirrors can also come with many additional options, like for instance heating which can defrost or demist the glass which can be very convenient to have. So, make sure to consider all your options.

Be Sure to Pick the Correct Side

I know that this sounds rather obvious, but when buying Ford mirrors online you can easily make the mistake and order a wrong side mirror. This can be a costly and dangerous mistake since the left and right side mirrors are different and shouldn’t be swapped. The left mirror has flat glass, whereas the right mirror comes with convex glass to give you a wider view. So, if the website doesn’t clearly specify the side of the mirror, be sure to contact the seller before buying.

Select the Most Attractive Finish

And finally, don’t forget that when it comes to such a noticeable car part, appearances matter big time. If you’re ordering both mirrors, you have the freedom to choose any kind of finish you like, whether smooth black, textured black, chrome or stainless steel. However, if you’re only replacing one side, be sure to pick a finish that matches the other. Some replacement mirrors can even be painted to match your vehicle.