Cone Crusher – What It Is And How It Works

The cone crusher is one of the most popular crushers among the construction and mining contractors. Designed with a highly advanced structure for powerful performance, the cone crusher is capable to crush from medium to hard ores and rocks. This crusher can be used for various projects in different industries. Thanks to its ability to crush big rocks and large quantities of coal, demolition waste, aggregate, rocks or mine ores, the cone crusher is definitely one of the most efficient crushing machines.


The cone crusher offers more advantages when compared with other crushing machinery. One advantage is the low operating cost which is very important for the overall efficiency and productivity. Consuming small amount of fuel also contributes for low operating costs, but without compromising the quality of the cone crusher performance.

By using a compressive force, the cone crusher is capable to crush the roughest and the most abrasive materials that can be found on the Earth. With a rugged design, the crushing rate is much greater. So, it is safe to say that the cone crusher has become an essential machine in the mining and construction industry.

As mentioned above, the cone crusher use a compressive force to crush materials between two specifically designed plates just like the jaw crusher. One plate is fixed and the other is a movable cone that grinds the ore and rocks into small pieces. The materials enter into the crusher from the top opening, and once crushed to the desired size, they are discharged through a hole at the bottom.

Today, with all the efficient technologies and features, the cone crushers are capable to ensure safe, convenient and highly effective operation. One common safety feature is the anti-wearing protection layer which increases the spare parts life for over 25%.

Probably the best thing about the cone crusher is that it can be adjusted according to the operator needs. The operator needs to adjust the space between the plate and the cone prior any operation. Also, the cone crusher requires simple maintenance for effective operation and performance. With durable structure made from quality steel or iron, the cone crusher guarantees a safe environment for the operators.