Discover Everything Rock Sliders Have to Offer Your Vehicle

If you are someone who enjoys spending their free time off-roading, then chances are you’ve heard about rock sliders and what they can offer your 4×4. If not, then I’m here to tell you that they are one of the most important pieces of equipment that anyone who is serious about having some fun off-road should have. They allow you to take greater risks and go over any obstacles that come your way without having to worry about scratching or damaging the underside of your vehicle.

The most basic definition of rock sliders is that they are simply steel tubes or boxed steel that are mounted on the underside of your vehicle. They go all the way from the back of the front tire and all the way to the front side of the rear tire. They are positioned there in order to protect the underside of your vehicle and prevent any rocks from reaching your vehicle and scratching or causing any damage. The rock sliders act as guards, not allowing rocks to reach any further than they should. Also, they can act as a pivot point should you find your 4×4 with all fours in the air.rock slider

The Different Types of Rock Sliders

There are basically two types of rock sliders Australia 4×4 owners love. The first are the step rock sliders, which provide both safety and an extra step to climb into your truck, also they can look great especially if combined well with the vehicle’s colour scheme. On the outside, they look like a regular step, while underneath they provide protection with heavy duty steel. The second type are the boxed steel tube sliders – more practical and not as pleasing to the eye and are. They don’t provide an extra step, however if you’re looking for functional solution then these rock sliders are the way to go.

How Much Protection do They Provide

When comparing rock sliders Australia manufacturers offer to other accessories, rock sliders are the pieces that can be seen on almost any 4×4 now, and for a good reason too. Sure bull bars, snorkels, rail guards are all very important, but none of the parts they protect are in such danger as much as the underside of your vehicle. Their importance becomes especially obvious when taking your truck off-road, not to mention that the most costly expenses that can come from damaging your car are located on the underside. So, if you are on the fence and can’t decide with which accessories to upgrade your 4×4 first, I think you should start with the rock sliders as they are very important.