Ergonomics Office Equipment

Nobody wants to feel uncomfortable, especially at work. When your body is not functioning properly, your mind tends to work slower. If your work includes sitting on a computer all day, that can lead to serious repercussions on your health. Ergonomics is all about finding the right position and feel comfortable and safe. If you own the right ergonomics office equipment you will make the most out of your work day and your employees.Ergonomics Office Equipment


Looking back at history, you can notice that the problem with the working environment had always been there. For example, Egyptians used some tools or household equipment that illustrated modern ergonomic principles. Even back in the 18th century, when the industrial revolution was in the middle of its the golden age, the working environments were constructed with some ergonomically designed principles that suited the workers and increased their productivity but not their comfort.

The modern ergonomics we know today started forming before and after the second World War. The machinery, tanks, cannon all had a complex position and sitting and operating them for long periods of time was really exhausting. As a result of that, many of those machines were redesigned and fitted for the operators to have as comfortable positioning as possible. The space race also contributed in the development of ergonomic equipment. Even it had its own branch of the science called Space or hypothetical ergonomics.

At the end of the 20th century, with computers taking over the world, the field of ergonomics expanded even further. Now we have special ergonomic tables for computers, ergonomic mouses, monitors, chairs and much, much more! It is marvellous what this field has achieved in such a short period of time and imagine how much will expand in the future!

Ergonomics in practice!

Before you do anything, you will need to know the perfect position in the proper ergonomics posture! When your body is in proper alignment, you are at your 100%. That means you can work better, faster and more efficiently. There are three positions that ergonomics helps you during work: office chair sitting posture, standing posture and driving posture.

Office Chair Sitting Posture

When your feet are flat on the floor, your knees and thighs are level or slightly lower than your hips. This is called neutral body posture. Your back is fully supported. Your shoulders and elbows are relaxed and resting at your sides. Hands, wrists and forearms are straight, and parallel with the floor. Your head is level and facing forward. To achieve this position you need to buy the right ergonomics office equipment: table, chair, keyboard and keyboard lifter to help your body fuel your mind even more to reach its productive peak!

Standing Posture

To have a healthy back, the standing posture is here to correct the errors! So how does it work? The human spine has the shape of an “S” and to maintain it is very substantial. The perfect standing ergonomic position is: Keep your head up and your chest over your shoulders; keep your abdominal muscles tight and your buttocks tuck; place your feet apart, with one of the foot in front of the other. For this kind of working environments, there are special tables that influence you to keep your posture always in the “S” position, special monitor stands and even monitors.

Driving Posture

Similar with the office chair ergonomics, the driving posture can either help or worsen back pain.
Driving, in fact, if it is more than 15 minutes can get very tiresome. Professional drivers like truck and taxi drivers can drive up to 8 hours without any stop and that can have an injurious impact on their back. The stress of this kind of work slowly increases the pressure on the lumbar spine that can result in pain felt in the knees, hands, back, neck, wrist and can even cause stiffness to the extremities that can be dangerous while driving.


Investing in ergonomics office equipment is good for you and your employees. Having wrong posture while standing or sitting can lead to discus hernia, water in the knee cap or other medical conditions. There are numerous studies that show how using this kind of equipment can better the productivity, save you working days and at the end give your more quality.