Gift Ideas That’ll Impress Any Guy (No Matter What You’re Celebrating)

What is the best gift to give a guy? The choices are limitless, but how to get it right? Although you can always rely on the classics, why not think outside the box and get something unexpected? Why not add to the element of surprise? Special occasions call for special gifts!

Get Him an Archery Set

close-up of archery set

Archery is a sport that involves shooting at targets with the help of a bow and arrow. There are official competitions for this sport although it is something that some people do as a hobby too. If your giftee is someone who likes trying out new things that aren’t that conventional, archery related items would be ideal as a present.

You can start by picking out a high-quality bow. Bows are an essential archery supply. They can be made from all sorts of materials such as wood, metal and plastic. A very good choice is a classic wooden bow suitable for both beginners and skilled archers. The design of the bow is important because it can influence the performance of the archer.

And so can the cables, pulleys, and string. There are a lot of different types of bowstrings and each has a reputation of being the best. What do you need from an archery string? It should be strong enough not to tear under pressure. It should provide the archer with stability and decent acceleration to the arrow.

As crucial archery equipment can choose from the following string types: BCY 452X (Dyneema and Vectran), BCY 8125 (100% Dyneema) and BCY D97 (100% Dyneema). Dyneema is a fabric known to be stronger than steel. It’s in fact an ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethene. You should also get blazer vanes that stabilize the arrow and allow for more precise shooting.

They’re incredibly lightweight, come in diverse colours and are very useful especially to someone who doesn’t have much experience with archery. And finally, the arrows/shafts need to be made of strong but lightweight material, preferably carbon or aluminium. Their length varies, so you can pick either long or short ones.

Archery targets are also among the basic archery supplies. You can choose from the many different types of archery targets available. That’s all the gear your giftee needs to start his new adventure. This isn’t something people usually get as a present, so you’ll definitely nail it if you’re aiming for a surprise.

Or How About a Special Jersey?

basketball jersey

A jersey is the ultimate present for a sports fan. At the same time, it’s a present that’s going to last and remind the giftee of your thoughtfulness. Say you have a real basketball fan in your life. What better gift for such a person than a cool basketball team jersey?

Basketball jerseys have a classic sleeveless design. They’re super lightweight, made from 100% polyester mesh. If you look hard enough, you can even find a basketball team jersey that’s made from 100% recycled polyester which is even better. Your gift will be both cool and environmentally friendly.

Jerseys are ideal to wear during summer when the temperatures outside are insanely high, although the option of wearing them on top of another blouse is not excluded either. A real fan will find a way to wear his jersey, that’s for sure.

The question is, which jersey to pick? To say the list of jerseys available to buy is long is an understatement. One thing that can help you a lot in making a choice is knowing the favourite team or team player of your giftee. Or at least guess and get something close enough. You can go for the Australian boomer jerseys, Lakers jerseys, Bulls, the Kobe Bryant jerseys and so on.

Recently, changes were made regarding the design of the basketball jerseys, and now you have ones with sleeves too. So, your choice is even broader. Not every person loves the sleeveless design and that’s okay. You can go for the sleeves instead.

The majority of the basketball jerseys are made by Nike. And this comes as an affirmation of their quality. They may not be unique gifts as the various bits of archery supply but they’re perfect for a jersey lover. You will definitely make a good choice if you go for this kind of gift as long as you get the size and the team right.

You Can’t Go Wrong with a Smartwatch

close-up of smart watch

Most people who use smartphones would gladly accept a smartwatch as a present. Modern smartwatches are sort of an extension of smartphones. They have a touch screen and various handy features. You can manage calls and messages with them, access apps and so on.

They work with lithium-ion batteries (same as smartphones), are rechargeable and long-lasting. Another advantage is that they’re affordable too. Don’t let the name fool you, you won’t have to spend a fortune to get a smartwatch.

This is the ideal gift for a person who likes having everything organized and under control. And you can pick from the many different designs and brands available. Apart from being super functional, the smartwatch is a very cool fashion accessory too.

What Can be Cooler than an RC Car?

rc car

Much like with the essential archery supply for the fun archery hobby, RC cars aren’t meant for little boys only. They’re suitable for big boys too. Especially ones with a passion for remote control cars and races. RC car enthusiasts will appreciate your effort in picking a car they can proudly add to their collection. You can’t come up with a better gift.

Grownup remote control cars are made from aluminium, durable plastic, silicone and steel. They’re very durable and made to conquer even the roughest of terrains. They work with RC car batteries and have a transmitter that works impeccably. There are a lot of different designs, but whichever you choose it will be something that will surely put a smile on the face of the one the gift is intended for.

A Pair of Designer Sunglasses

close-up of ray ban sunglasses

Sunglasses are a must-have for every person who is fashion-forward and likes to spice up their outfits. And contrary to the popular belief that sunglasses are meant for summer only, one can wear them year-round. They offer protection from the UV rays, and at the same time are an irreplaceable accessory.

Now, if you want a special pair of sunglasses, go for designer ones. Apart from looking better than all the others, designer sunglasses have better quality and are more likely to last longer. Their price is higher than the one of basic sunglasses but it’s worth it if you want to get something excellent and gift-worthy.