Hamptons Style: How to Create an Airy, Ocean-Inspired Interior

If it’s true what movies, TV shows and music videos show us, life in the Hamptons is the apex of relaxation. Just mention the Hamptons, and are you’re likely to be transported to a grand beach house with sheer linen curtains flowing in the wind, polished white furnishings and a sumptuous sofa perfect for you to lounge in and sip a cocktail. But this image doesn’t need to be confined to your fantasies. If you’re really fond of Hamptons style beach houses, it’s easy to recreate the look in your own home. With the help of the following tips, you can transform your interior into an airy, ocean-inspired space resembling the famous holiday destination.

Hamptons Living Room

Work with a Coastal Colour Palette

Just think about the beach and all the colours in it – that should be the colour palette you use to decorate your home. That being said, make sure that your walls are in a crisp, white colour that resembles clouds. Besides the walls, large furniture pieces such as Hampton style entertainment units, dining room tables and cabinets should also preferably be in a shade of white. Along in addition to white, use other clean and neutral colours such as cream, sand and ivory. This should make up some 70% of the colours in the room. The rest are accent colours such as navy, other blues and soft yellows. When you use your colours right, the result should be a light, bright and breezy atmosphere.

Opt for Furnishings with a Relaxed Elegance

When it comes to furniture, the best tip is to use pieces that are a perfect mix of sophisticated and beachy, shabby chic. Think Hampton style entertainment units and side tables made of quality wood and painted in a white colour with a natural, delicate sheen. Occasional gentle distressing and elements like handles made of brass give a slight rustic character to the furniture which is needed to recreate the genuine Hamptons look. Contrast the elegant, white finish on the entertainment unit, coffee table and side table with a bulky, upholstered sofa and rattan chairs to give the space a more laid-back vibe.

Flood the Room with Light

Nobody enjoys the beach if the weather is gloomy. With that being said, make sure to flood your space with as much natural light as possible. So, keep away from hard window treatments and heavy draping and instead cover your windows in a minimal way with some sheer curtains or roller blinds which can easily get out of the way. And when it comes to artificial light, opt for traditional, Hamptons style metal fittings in black or steel.

Use Decor Inspired by the Sea

And finally, add the finishing touches to your look with the help of sea-inspired décor. This can be shells you’ve collected on your holiday, jars and bottles of sand, woven baskets and vases, even pieces of wood and coral. Just keep it subtle tough. You don’t want to make it look like you’re trying too hard.