How To Shop For Boys Pants And Boys Shirt Online

When it comes to shopping for boys, it is all about comfy pants and loose shirts perfect for everyday activities. So, if you are a mom of a little pirate or a superhero, make sure you fill your boy’s closet with casual shirts with long and short sleeves, different prints and colors and comfy pants he can wear all day. Boys grow pretty fast and rip outfits more often than girls, so don’t be surprised if you shop for boys shirts online more often than you think. But, if you think buying one size larger boys pants or shirts will save you money, you cannot be further from the truth. It is important to always buy the right size clothing to ensure the right fit and comfort. To make sure you don’t make a mistake, consider style and size when shopping for boys pants and/or boys shirts online.


Styles – It is best if you shop different boys pants styles and boys shirts online. With so many choices available, you will definitely find something that suits your boy best. Whether you need long-sleeved, short-sleeved, dressy, classic and casual shirts, pants and other clothing items, you will find everything online. In fact, online you will be able to find more different styles, thus it is better to buy boys shirts online. And not just shirts, but boys pants, shorts, jackets, etc. as well. When you search for boys pants or boys shirts online, consider the following styles.

  • Polo-Style shirts are a must. If you need to buy boys shirts online, make sure you select a cotton or polyester polo shirt style, ideal for both special and casual days. When you browse boys shirts online, you will find models with two or three buttons, short or long sleeved ones, thus choose the ones your boy feels most comfortable in.
  • Tee Shirts are probably the most popular clothing piece for every day use and special occasions. Boys love to wear t-shirts since they are comfy. Whether your kid likes solid colors, prints, stripes, funny images or characters, you will find any style he prefers if you shop for boys shirts online.
  • Jeans never go out of fashion. Thanks to high quality and the fact that jeans can be matched with any other clothing piece, makes them timeless. Since, you don’t shop for jeans often, make sure you select durable and high-quality jeans.
  • Sweatpants are another boys pants style very popular among kids and moms as well. Perfect for any indoor and outdoor activity, sweatpants are one of top sold clothing pieces. Comfy for outdoor activities, yet stylish for school, because of the light and breathable material many moms choose this style when looking to buy boys pants.

Size – Boys need clothing that fits them right. Therefore, when you need to buy boys shirts online or pants, pay attention on the size you select. You don’t want to spent money on pieces your boy will never wear. Here’s a quick guide on sizes you can use the next time you shop for boys pants or shirts.

  • 4-5 years – (XS) or 50 cm (waist) for pants
  • 6-7 years – (S) or 55 cm (waist) for pants
  • 8 years – (M) or 60 cm (waist) for pants
  • 10 to 12 years – (L) or 66 cm (waist) for pants.