Interior Design Diaries: How to Infuse Warmth in a Contemporary Living Room

There are so many ways and styles in which you could decorate your living room that sticking with just one can really be a hard and complex decision to make. A good way to choose what interior decorating scheme to adopt is to consider whether you’re more attracted to the old and traditional, or to the modern and contemporary. If you like to always keep up with the latest trends, you got your answer – contemporary style is the way to go. It’s the preferred trend in the world of today due to the fact that its minimalistic design scheme is just so convenient and easy to maintain.
Contemporary Furniture Australia
But although a contemporary style living room has a minimalistic and sleek design, sometimes it can look a bit cold. However, you can avoid creating this kind of ambiance if you just add a few details – the right touch of cosiness to warm up the space. Let’s take a look at how you can create a contemporary interior that emits warmth without compromising on style.

Embrace Natural Materials

Contemporary Furniture Australia
The best way to create a cosy and serene mood is through the use of natural elements. Therefore, when it comes to choosing contemporary furniture Australia interior designers suggest to go for timber-based materials as they can easily add a soft touch the space. Like for instance, a side table made from rich chestnut wood, a dark leather ottoman to prop your feet up, or a gorgeous birch wood bookshelf – there’s a great variety of pieces to choose from.

Use Warm Colours

There’s no cold-looking interior that a well-chosen colour palette can’t instantly warm up. But that doesn’t mean you should start painting the walls red. Keep in mind that there are cool and warm shades of the same colour, and the same goes for red. Get inspired by colours such as auburn, coppery brown, chestnut brown, olive green, dark beige, camel yellow, and ivory. You can add splashes of colours on accent pieces such as rugs, artwork, curtains, clocks and other décor items.

Incorporate Cosy Textiles

While it might look warm, sitting on a leather sofa can in fact feel cold. If you want to create an inviting living room, the best way to do so is to go with some of the upholstered contemporary furniture Australia stores offer. There is so much to choose from – from large, plush arm chairs and sofas, to bean bags and all sorts of cool furniture pieces. Don’t forget to add some warmth under your feet in the form of a textured rug or a fluffy throw. Grab a pair of fuzzy sleepers and you’ll be all set and toasty for the upcoming winter.

The Right Lighting to Set the Mood

Contemporary Furniture Australia
In large and open spaces, well-distributed lighting can help infuse life in every corner and make the space more intimate. If you’re going with LED lights, it’s important to know that they come in either cool or warm white. Warm white is more softer on the eyes, and creates a more warm and relaxing mood, so make sure to use it as general ambient lighting. On the other hand, cold white allows you to focus better on tasks that require great precision, so feel free to add it as undercabinet lighting in the kitchen, or as task lighting for your home office.