Long-Term Couples: Things to Do to Rekindle the Relationship Spark

Relationships require hard work, this is the truth we somehow know deep down, even though we prefer the idea of meeting our soulmate and experiencing the honeymoon phase for as long as we live, no disagreements, no fights.

If you want to feel like you felt at the beginning of the relationship, start by rekindling the romance in the bedroom. Lingerie can always heat things up, but why not include both partners wearing sexy dress up costumes. Be somebody else for a while, play out your fantasy role and see how the same old bedroom routine leaves your relationship.


Make a list with your partner, ask each other what your fantasies are, from sexy to kinky, whatever you both agree on, choose from the wide range of sexy dress up costumes and have fun. You can turn it into a game like Big Bang Theory’s Howard and Bernadette, using it as a way to make up instead of fighting.

Then again, not everything is about sex either, so don’t brush things off by simply avoiding communication and using bedroom fun every time you think an argument is about to follow. Stay honest with your partner, work on your connection through communication, learn how to listen instead of only expressing your feelings.

As it’s said you can win someone’s heart through their stomach so why not take care of each other and start cooking together? It can be the kind of novelty you miss in your day to day life, learning new recipes, improving your cooking skills together. The best part is, afterwards you get to eat savoury meals spiced with love, and you don’t even have to worry about the mess.


Next up, turn mundane tasks into something personal. For example, going shopping isn’t exactly exciting for everyone, especially most men, but asking your partner to choose clothes for you while you choose for him adds a nice change. Bonus point is you get to see what they think you look sexy in.

Pay attention to your partner, whenever and wherever you are, work on building up intimacy looking into their eyes and don’t forget to make them laugh. Laughing together  is an essential relationship ingredient so always make time for a joke. The more inside jokes you have, the better!


Most importantly, be the support they need you to be. It’s nice to come back home after a long day at work, knowing your biggest fan is there for you.