Marquee: The Ideal Way to Celebrate a Special Occasion

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Whether you are planning a wedding, a huge summer party or a corporate event, marquees are the ideal way to celebrate a special occasion outdoors as there’s hardly anyone who doesn’t like to enjoy themselves in the fresh air. That being said, these types of tents can provide the best of both worlds by allowing people to have their event outdoors while being well-protected.

Nowadays, one can choose a quality marquee event tent that can protect guests from different weather conditions at any time of the year. These tents come in different sizes (even custom made ones), shapes, colour, and fabric thickness. Besides this, you can choose whether you want your marquee to be with or without walls. Another advantage of marquees is that some of them can even allow for heating and air conditioning, making them suitable for winter use as well.

Note: Marquees are available in a great range of colours, but if used for a wedding. white or clear are the ideal colours. These two options allow for creating a magical backdrop, especially when paired with some decorative items.

Freedom to Choose a Venue

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The beauty of having a marquee is the freedom it gives for selecting the ideal venue. Whether it is a central park or some other outdoor place, marquees can be placed literally everywhere. The most important thing to have in mind about hosting an outdoor event under a marquee is checking with the local council for some specific things. This is paramount as some public areas don’t allow hosting private events. Another thing that needs to be considered is whether the place allows for the use of electricity in case the event is held at night. If this is not an option, one should look for another place.

It’s a Worthy Investment

By investing in a marquee, you get a sturdy and functional product that can be reused as many times as needed. Since they are designed to offer a certain or full level of protection, professionals recommend choosing a marquee event compatible. For the occasion, such marquee needs to be made from a quality and waterproof material in order to meet the quality standard while providing the needed protection. Wind and rain can be unpredictable, and with a quality marquee, one can have a peace of mind that the event won’t be ruined.

It Can be Personalised

When used by companies, marquee event tents can feature printed logos and be made to measure for the specific company’s needs. So, when used by a company for hosting any type of corporate event, a printed marquee can be used as a free advertisement. Thanks to this, people will be able to see the company’s name and logo from afar.

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If the marquee is to be used for a wedding or engagement party, you can style the entire space and the marquee itself according to your needs and personal taste. Decorative lights and Christmas lights are just some of the many lighting fixtures that can be added on the inside of the marquee’s frame. This can make the whole event more special and the occasion even more romantic, especially if held during nighttime. Except for this, placing sheets over/under the decorative Christmas lights can make things even more romantic and breathtaking, making both hosts and guests feel like in a fairyland.

Appropriate for Everyone

As already mentioned, there are different types of marquees available on the market, designed to satisfy different customers’ needs. Thanks to their large selection, marquees are designed to target customers of all kinds with different budget. This means that everyone can afford to have one, the key is to consider all of the options.

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Note: Quality marquees are more expensive, but can last much longer than the cheaper versions. However, if you are not planning to use it as frequently and you’re short on money, you can choose something more affordable.

As you can see, marquees have come a long way over the past few years, mainly regarding their use. They can be used both by residential and commercial facilities thanks to their structure, accessibility and easy assembling. Regardless of the reason for its use, marquees allow one to get creative and dress it up for different occasions which makes it the ideal solution for outdoor events.