Reveal Your Inner Pro – Tips on How to Mix-And-Match Different Types of Blinds

For a sun worshipper, having “too many” windows in the house might be more of a convenience than a problem (hello, vitamin D). But for some people, having a great number of windows means having to worry about finding the correct type of blinds to unify them. But with so many varieties available today, it’s hard to settle for one type of blinds. So, here’s a friendly advice – don’t feel like you have to make a single, ultimate choice. Let your imagination run free and choose several treatments to grace your home. Here are some tips on how to combine different types of blinds and dress your windows like a pro.


Choose Materials that Complement Each Other

If you decide to mix-and-match your window blinds, a great way to ensure everything looks great together is to use similar materials and textures throughout the entire home. When you go for a combination of opposites, such as roller blinds and Venetians, make sure that at least the materials are within the same realm. For instance, wooden Venetians can perfectly complement the raw, natural appeal of paper roller blinds. Never mix contrast materials like aluminium and wood. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for in the stores, today it’s quite easy to purchase online blinds Australia wide and get them delivered to your front door.

Use Colour to Tie Them Together

Mixing up your window blinds can add diversity and character to your interior. But, it’s important to find some common trait that unifies them. After all, consistency is a sign of a well-designed home. It’s no secret that using a defined colour palette can tie a room together, so why not use this trick to tie the different window blinds around the house? Whether you plan to visit retail stores or buy online blinds Australia designers recommend sticking to a single hue. Also, be mindful that the colours should be harmonious with your furniture, rugs, or wallpaper.

Have Your Blinds Custom Made

If everything else fails and you find that it’s too stressful to find the right blinds for every room of the house, have them custom made. Unlike pre-made blinds, which are manufactured to standard window sizes, custom made windows are built to the exact measurements of your windows. This also gives you the freedom to personally create the look of those special pieces – your choice of materials, size, and colour. Just make sure to precisely measure your windows, because the last thing you need when winter comes around is a draughty set of blinds.