My Obsession With Lelo Toys: It’s Not Just a Thrill, It’s a Lifestyle

They say “too much of a good thing can be a bad thing”, but when it comes to orgasms, there is no such thing as ‘too much’. Have you ever experienced multiple orgasms in one lovemaking session? If your answer is negative, you have no idea how much good stuff you are missing out on. When it comes to these sweet pleasures, the sky is the limit. If you haven’t tried the new revolutionary toys which will help you bring your sex life to a greater level, it is about time.

Shoot for the stars and enhance your sexual experience with some of the amazing Lelo toys that will take your breath away. Literally. Specially designed for sassy moments like those that you have already imagined, the Lelo dildo will spice up your love life and make the whole experience more exciting. Discover the colours of love with the wide variety of Lelo dildo choices. Welcome to the new age of orgasms!


Lelo Elise

This classically designed pleasure object has a silky smooth finish and eight modes to enhance the pleasures of its full-bodied form. Its two motors offer you deeper and fuller stimulation which will take you to the sky so you can reach your climax. Lelo Elise is 100% waterproof and this gives you the chance to take thrilling, long, hot showers or have some fun in the bathtub. You need your time to relax, other things can wait. No pressure.


Lelo Ina

This dual-action vibrator has a rabbit-style design that feels as good as it looks. Its widened stem enables a deep G-spot pleasure, while the flexible ‘finger’ on top enables exquisite stimulation. Take it with you under the shower and experience the wave after wave pleasure it will bring you.


Sensua Suede Whip

Dare to try new things in the bedroom and be more assertive which is so sexy? The polished metal and acrilyc handle combined with the supple suede tassels make this intrigant toy a stylish addition to any collection. It is your getaway to new pleasures and it is the ideal toy to help you fulfil all your dirty fantasies and desires. Surprise and seduce your partner in your own sexy ways. You go girl!

At the end, whichever Lelo dildo you may choose, a great part depends on your thoughts and aims. You surely know what turns you on and what keeps you coming. So, after you achieve your first orgasm, you can change the technique, but do not lose your focus. Keep it going and do your thing. Lelo products are all about you!