Nick Vujicic’s Book Limitless

If there is any person who knows the real meaning of the word “limits”, is Nick Vujicic. Born with no legs and no arms, Nick constantly faces challenges everywhere he goes. It is no surprise that at an early ages he was dealing with loneliness and depression. But, thanks to his faith in God and the support of his friends and family, today Nick travels worldwide telling his life story, encouraging other people and spreading the Word of God. He has decided that he will not let the circumstances in his life limit his ability to make a difference. That fact makes his book even more remarkable.


Nick Vujicic is an evangelist and motivational speaker, and is also the author of the bestseller “Life Without Limbs”, a detailed story of his life. Soon after he released “Unstoppable”, where he addresses difficult situations, such as health issues, relationships issues, drug or alcohol addictions, job challenges, etc. In Limitless which is also another popular book, you will find similar stories present in other Nick’s books, but with a dose of fresh hope and encouragement.




In the first pages of Limitless, Nick asks readers a question: “How can you be so happy?”. He always gives the same answer – he has found his happiness when he became aware that despite being limited of doing some things, he is actually the perfect Nick Vujicic. He realized that he is a creation of God, born according to His plans. He states that he always tries to be a better person so he can better serve God and the whole world. This statement completely show Nick’s positive attitude and strong spirit. His basic goal is not to focus on his disabilities, but on his capabilities.


The writing style is readable and easy. It is clear that one of his gifts is his ability to communicate with other people in understandable and clear way, speaking to his audience like they’re old friends. He speaks straight, and the conversations are filled with a sense of humor. Limitless offers great inspiration and spreads positive energy and encouragement from a man who has every reason to wallow himself in self-pity. The book Limitless will make you reconsider your “poor me” attitude. It will also ‘make’ you accept a different perspective on what “difficult” actually means. Regardless of the barriers we face everyday in our lives, or complications we might experience, there is no limit to what God can do through us.