Permanent Makeup FAQs

Not satisfied with the way your eyebrows and eyes look? Want to outline your beautiful face features and improve your look without any aesthetic surgical procedures? Then, permanent makeup is the solution you are looking for. Now, you may ask how safe permanent makeup is? Way safer than plastic surgery for sure.

Permanent makeup is a hit these days. Women have gone crazy for this face-enhancing treatment. When celebrities can do it, why can’t you? You can either get your eyebrows tattooed, or go for a eyeliner or lip liner style. Whichever you choose, being informed is crucial. Keep reading.

How Does Cosmetic Tattooing Work?

Permanent makeup is usually compared to micropigmentation. That’s because beauty technicians use similar tools to infuse the pigments into the dermal layer of the skin. Unlike regular tattooing, beauty technicians use a set of extremely fine needles to implement the colour pigments into the middle layer of the skin. With other words, permanent makeup is a cosmetic tattooing treatment that improves the colour and shape of certain facial features like eyebrows, eyelids and lips.


Is Permanent Makeup Same As Tattooing?

Permanent Makeup is nothing like a regular tattoo. The process might seem similar, but the pain is not the same. And that’s what matters the most. With permanent makeup you will not feel pain, just slight discomfort. And yes, the hand device and pen machine might seem similar to the ones tattoo artists use, but they are completely different tools. Professional cosmetic tattoo experts are qualified to perform this procedure and use instruments and pigments that are specifically made for this non-invasive, pain-free micro-pigmentation procedure. Traditional tattoo experts on the other hand are not.

Is Permanent Makeup A Safe Procedure?

Beauty technicians perform this kind of procedure under sterile conditions. The good part about permanent makeup is that there are no side effects involved. You might experience some redness and swelling in the first few hours, but that’s it.

How Long Does The Procedure Take To Complete?

Normally, the first procedure would last from 2 to 2 ½ hours, considering the fact that you will need to discuss and determine the desired look with your beauty technician. Together you will have to choose the colour, take photos, discuss possible designs and then move to the procedure itself. Following 2 or 3 treatments last less than the first one.

Will Permanent Makeup Fade Over Time?

This cosmetic procedure is considered ‘semi permanent’ which means the colour will fade away slightly with time. Usually, it lasts from 1 to 5 years, but with regular touch-ups, it can last longer.