Preparing for Snow Adventure with Kids: What to Pack

Though we’re still far from winter, there’s nothing better than good planning and preparation in advance for upcoming snow adventures, given the amount of gear it takes to pack. This is particularly the case if you’re going on a trip with kids!

If it’s their first snow adventure, it wouldn’t take long to get them in the mood for the trip other than reading them a snow story or letting them watch a cartoon or film. Actually getting them ready means you’d have to pay a youth ski gear shop a visit and purchase all the essentials prior to taking to the road.

20590230_134053997200342_4527167053521485824_nYou don’t want to be like most people who leave it last minute, so avoid the mess, and the stress it brings, and find good deals shopping earlier. If you like to save up more time and money, perhaps it’s best you give online shopping a try.

Since it’s winter we’re talking about, it’s all about the layering and bringing plenty of extra clothing in case kids get wet; it’s not fun when playing wet in the cold, so make sure you keep your kids dry and warm.

Speaking of layering, long underwear is mandatory, and so are fleece tops, waterproof ski pants and jackets, which are the basic pieces you can expect to get when it comes to youth ski gear. In case you prefer to pack up lighter, instead of pants and jackets, you could go for one-piece snowsuits, just have in mind they take longer to put on and take off.

There’s no need to point out the importance of snow boots; designed to keep the feet warm and dry, they are a must to protect your kids from snow getting inside so don’t even take sneakers into consideration. Boots are boots!

Also, don’t underestimate the choice of a good pair of socks. Though synthetic materials are better than cotton, for instance, because of how much absorbent it is, there are natural options that are moisture-wicking and still provide as much comfort, like wool and bamboo.


Other important pieces of gear are the mittens and headwear (preferably balaclava), however, don’t think shopping and packing ends here. Though winter is cold, the sun is still damaging as it is in summer, if not more, so be sure to pack up lots of sunscreen supplies and choose the adequate goggles.

Add medications, remedies, snacks and warmer packs to the list too, and you’re good to go.