Self-Watering Plants: Easy Green for Busy People

Inner city life, inner city pressure
The concrete world is starting to get ya
The city is alive, the city is expanding
Living in the city can be demanding…


For nearly 5 years now, the urban jungle of Melbourne has been preventing me to feel complete as I once did while growing up on a farm. Being able to get in touch with nature’s wonders whenever you want and having the time to take proper care of your plants – I miss all of that and feel like a puzzle, every day one more piece shorter. I tried to recreate a fracture of the beautiful garden I once enjoyed, but my busy schedule was too much of an obstacle. The once wanna be farmer was now forgetting to water his plants on a daily basis.

Self-Watering Plants

However, recently I decided to once more get in a sacred relationship with the greens I so much adore and luckily for me, the modern times did bring something to match my desires – self-watering plants. Apart from being sleek, simple and adaptable to any surroundings, the best thing about these planters is their watering system that makes it easier for anyone to make sure that at the end of the day the organic fresh produce is well maintained.

So, if you are anything like me and posses the green flame of will power (much like the Green Lantern) you will also take advantage of this incredible invention and turn it into your most powerful weapon against the urbanisation. I decided to interconnect my planters for added functionality – it also helps if you want to save space and grow more plants. You can choose the size and model of your self watering plants according to your personal needs and bring your space to life whatever the conditions and its size.

Self-Watering Plants Outdoor

The built in water reservoir will be your saviour, you just have to fill it once in three weeks or so and you can always monitor the level of water remaining. These planters are great for both outdoor and indoor conditions, so that is one more plus for me on the list.

The contemporary design and the reliable technology offered by self-watering plants was all I needed to feel in tune with myself. In combination with a sunny stop and fertilizers rich in all necessary nutrients, these planters can make miracles happen. If the farmer cannot go to the green, the green can grow in his apartment.