Sex Positions To Try To Instantly Maximize His Size

It is a fact that every man wants a good performing penis. The bigger and harder, the better. But sometimes the person we love doesn’t seem to be packing enough to satisfy our needs. So we are always looking for new ways to increase our sexual pleasure, whether it be through new positions, penis pumps, toys or other.


A penis pump (also known as a vacuum pump) is used for treating erectile dysfunction. It is designed to help men who are not able to get or maintain an erection sufficient for an intercourse. Unlike penile injection therapy, penile implants and other erectile dysfunction medication, penis pumps come with lower risk of side effects (coldness, pain, bruising, numbness, red dots) and if used correctly, can be very effective. They are noninvasive, can be used along with other treatments, can help regain erectile function and cost less.

Of course, while penis pumps usually work, sometimes we just want to try something new. Below we’ll go over some positions that you can try out to get the most out of your sex life.

The first position is called the slippery mermaid. Start in missionary with you on top – your legs should be pressed together and in between his. You should support yourself up with your hands and he should maneuver his way up to slide into you. With him on the bottom, he can enter you deeply and your clitoris will also get stimulation from you being on top. Not to mention that the reversal of this position can be super sexy.

Now this is a classic position which we all commonly know as doggy style. This is great for the couples out there who don’t seem to match up because he can enter you as deep as possible. Try to mix it up a little by resting your head against the bed or arching your back. This will make you feel like you’re taking your partner deeper into you and it will hit you in all the right spots.

The slow slider is a new and interesting take on missionary for those of you who like to keep it classic. It gets transformed into a different position if the woman clamps her legs together tightly while keeping them down. Rock your hips slowly so you can slide up and down on his penis turning this into a stimulating position. You can also take this one step further by turning your knees in and out to adjust the angle to one you might like better.

The press and play is another take on the classic doggy style designed to give you and your partner the most pleasure possible. You should be leaning over the bed, dresser, table – whatever surface you prefer. Your tush will look great and give your partner one hell of a view. This position allows your partner to penetrate you deeper and gives them your hips to use as leverage. This is also a great position for a woman to reach vaginal orgasm.

The last position that you can try is called the mortar and pestle. Now for those who have a partner with a smaller member, we all know that in and out sex can leave us a bit frustrated, so this is the move to try if you have this problem. Lay on your back and tuck a pillow under your butt to prop your hips up. Open you legs wide and let him enter you, don’t do back and forth motions, instead start grinding against each other in small circular motions. Your clit in this position should rub against his pubic bone to give you extra pleasure.

If none of these seem to be doing the trick maybe you should think of using something else to your advantage. As frustrating as it can be sometimes, there are endless ways that you and your partner can pleasure yourselves. You can maybe look into the Kama Sutra for more positions, or even study the art of tantric sex. Looking into new ways to pleasure your partner and yourself can only lead to more happiness and fulfillment in your sex life.