Shrubs: The Surprising Decorative Plants to Landscape Your Yard

If you are one of the lucky ones to have a spacious enough outdoor space of your own, you can always throw a tea or coffee party right in the comfort of your yard and have some relaxation to recharge your energy. Just as much as the home needs your attention when it comes to adding interior changes, to make the most of your yard experience, it is good to focus on increasing its beauty. There are so many ways you can add to the décor of your yard, from finding the right set of lighting to choosing the dining setting for your BBQs, a comfortable sofa for your sun-soaking naps or a charming hammock. However, the same amount of attention should also be given to the type of greenery you surround yourself with as much as the outdoor furniture and lighting you choose.


Since it is scientifically proven that nature has significant mood and health effects, what can be better than bringing nature close to you? Greenery can boost your mood and help fight off depression, so it would be a great pity having the reguired space and not using it for greenery. While you will immediately think of the kinds of trees or flowers you can use, there is another plant that can be just as functional and decorative – the shrub. The right kind of nursery will have an extensive amount of varieties of shrubs you can choose from, so it is good to know a thing or two more about them as a plant in general and then when certain types catch your eye, learn about their requirements.

Shrubs can be used just about anywhere in your yard with many purposes, starting from blocking street dust as well as providing sufficient amount of privacy, creating a living wall that you can later on have fun shaping, or you can use them as groundcovers since they protect the soil. Same as with trees, there are evergreen, deciduous and semi-evergreen types. The great thing about them is they can thrive in just about any kind of soil, no matter whether it is wet, dry, acidic or alkaline.

There are many choices you will come across and it is advisable to have their purpose in mind prior to purchasing them. Is it more colour that you need, or are you into having more greenery? Do you need them just as decorative pieces or will they have a role in the privacy of your yard? Answering these questions will help you decide on the kind of shrub will best work in your yard as well as the size you will need. Some have plentiful colourful flowers, others are more leafy and are taller. When you make up your mind on a certain shrub, you will know its watering needs and whether it thrives better in sunny or dark conditions so you will be able to take care of it properly.