The Best Reciprocating Saws for Any Task in 2023

Whether it’s pruning precarious tree limbs or hardcore home renovations, clean-cutting reciprocal saws are one of the best tools that any tradie or DIYer can have at their disposal. And unlike other types of saws, it’s not just their speed and power that gives them the cutting advantage. It’s their adaptability.

Reciprocal saws can perform a range of sawing, scraping, and scouring tasks that would otherwise require a small collection of different tools to accomplish. This helps to make reciprocals perfect time and money savers when it comes to doing rough cut work on any type of wood, metal, and stone, especially in tight areas.

If you want the best value that a reciprocal saw has to offer though, cordless is the way to go. These durable, lithium-powered cutters are made to perform, and some of the world’s leading tool manufacturers have developed entire reciprocating product lines for any type of cutting that needs to be done.

Get the Cordless Reciprocating Saw You Need for Any Job

a man cuts with a sawzall

Make no mistake: it doesn’t matter if it’s a fast-cutting Sawzall or another of the other top reciprocating performers, reciprocal saws offer more value and versatility than just about any other handheld power tool you can buy. It’s their cordless convenience, however, that makes them the perfect choice for the workshop, job site, or even when you are in the bush.

And it’s no surprise that with such a wide range of one-handed minis and heavy-duty cutters to choose from, there would be a few standouts among the ranks of cordless reciprocating saw manufacturers. Each one is committed to making their reciprocal saw lineup more reliable, more powerful, and with longer runtimes than ever; and that means there’s a saw available for every user.

Milwaukee’s Sawzall, and a Legacy of Reliability

Not only does Miwaukee’s Sawzall® have the distinction of being the world’s first reciprocal saw, it’s still regarded as the benchmark that all other reciprocal saws are measured against. Instead of their classic tethered design, modern Sawzalls are engineered to use Milwaukee’s pioneering class of M18 Fuel™ lithium cells with their POWERSTATE™ lineup of tough brushless motors. This gives them the ability to deliver up to 30% faster cutting at the same power level as many of their 15A corded predecessors.

When you buy Sawzall, you’re investing in a family of reliable, full-sized reciprocals that boast cutting strokes of 31.8mm, up to 3200 cutting stokes per minute, and a standard series of performance features that include:

  • 50% more power than typical 18V reciprocating saw offerings;
  • Optimized overloading, overheating, and overcharging protection;
  • Extra seals and bushings for protection from water and dust ingress;
  • Counter-balanced gear protection against impact; and,
  • An integrated LED light for added visibility.

Even the most compact version of the Sawzall, the Hackzall®, offers the same core of high-quality features, but in an ergonomic package that weighs only 1.9kg. It’s another reason why with the Sawzall, Australia has one of the most comprehensive selections of reciprocal saws available today.

Dewalt Reciprocating Saws Bring Big Power to Where It’s Needed

а man cuts with а saw

When it comes to powerful cutting under all conditions, Dewalt’s selection of rugged cordless reciprocating saws is also among the best. And starting with their compact, industry leading XR®18V / 20V reciprocating saw lineup, Dewalt offers a range of saws that are built to produce flush, perfectly straight cuts every time, and with plenty of power to spare.

Beginning at only 2.4kg, Dewalt’s most compact lithium-powered XRs are designed to bring big power to confined spaces, and host an array of battery-powered reciprocating saw features such as:

  • 28.6mm cutting strokes at 2900 cutting strokes per minute;
  • Center-positioned motors for easier handling; and,
  • 4-position blade clamps for extra cutting versatility.

And when it comes to full-sized cutters that are designed especially for heavy-duty construction, Dewalt’s 54V reciprocating saw, built especially for use with their Flexvolt® battery system, is a giant among reciprocals. At 3.6kg, these extremely robust machines produce a massive 1500W output that provides up to 3000 cutting strokes per minute, making them the most powerful portable reciprocating saws for sale on the market.

Enjoy Maximum Compatibility with Makita’s Reciprocating Saws

Makita’s advanced 18V LXT® technology system is the power behind a family of more than 325 cordless tools, and their 18V reciprocating saws are among the most impressive items on that roster. Makita reciprocals are built around optimized productivity; and with both mini and maxi models to choose from, they have solutions that are right for any job.

With their full 32mm cutting strokes, Makita battery-powered reciprocating saws offer the biggest bites of any reciprocals on the market, with the added benefits of:

  • The most energy-efficient brushless motors used on any production reciprocal saw;
  • A 30-minute maximum charge time on a 3.0Ah battery; and,
  • Real-time power management between the reciprocating saw battery and the saw.

Most notably, however, Makita’s LXT compatibility means that the battery from any of their 300+ LXT-powered tools can also be used to power their reciprocal saws. There’s no need to buy extra batteries or special chargers, allowing you to get maximum utilization across the board from all the high-quality Makita tools that you already have.

Reciprocal Saw Blades That Make the Difference

No matter which brand of reciprocal saw you buy, it’s important to remember that what you’re able to accomplish is only going to be limited by the types of attachments you use. And no matter what needs cutting, you can buy reciprocating saw blades in a wide range of sizes and styles, including:

  • Carbide-tipped metal blades. These deep cutting 6-8 TPI (teeth per inch) titanium-edged blades are designed for the kinds of extremely hard and dense alloys found in salvage and wrecking yards.
  • Carbide-tipped masonry blades. These large toothed reciprocating saw blades also boast 6-8 TPI, and are ideal for cutting bricks, blocks, and other aggregate substrates.
  • Scraper blades. Coarse-surfaced scraper blades are optimal for removing old epoxy, grout, or glue when renovating a bathroom or kitchen.
  • Double-sided blades. These custom blades have teeth on both sides, variable TPIs, and enable reciprocating saws to make either plunge, or multidirectional cuts in wood, plastic, or metal.
  • Sanding and scouring blades. These attachments allow you to transform a reciprocating saw into a powerful wood or metal sander.

Whether it’s shaping drywall, or removing slag from pipeline welds in the field, you’re guaranteed to find a reciprocating saw attachment for any rough cutting task.

The Final Word

At the end of the day, regardless of the size of the saw or the blade type though, it’s the convenience of having a cordless reciprocal that makes the difference. These all-purpose saws have the ability to go anywhere, and the adaptability to handle multiple cutting jobs with just an attachment change. From the fast-cutting Milwaukee Sawzall, to the massive output of a Dewalt Flexvolt, cordless reciprocals deliver the same performance as their corded cousins, at a fraction of the weight and twice the reliability.