The Health Benefits of an Infrared Sauna Blanket

Infrared Sauna Blanket BenefitsFrom ancient Roman bathhouses to Finish saunas and now the modern electrical steam rooms – there’s no limit to the ways we can use heat therapy to relax and improve our well-being. And now, technology has given us perhaps the best invention in the world of heat therapy – the far infrared sauna. What sets apart the infrared sauna is that it produces heat at a lower temperature than traditional saunas do which makes it a better alternative for people who can’t tolerate the heat. Because it does not involve any steam, this sauna is also a great choice for people with asthma and breathing problems.

Unfortunately, some infrared saunas are bulky and can be difficult to install in a home that lacks the space. However, there’s a more convenient option – the infrared sauna blanket. It offers the same health benefits but only in a more compact package that you can use anywhere around the house and conveniently store away in your closet. If you’re wondering what those benefits are, read on and become amazed!

Sweat the Kilos Away

Infrared Sauna Blanket Benefits

One of the main infrared sauna blanket benefits is the fact that they are an effortless way to lose weight when you have no time for exercising and rigorous diet programmes. By simply lying down and wrapping yourself in an infrared sauna blanket you give your body an internal workout. What does that mean? Well, the penetrating infrared rays increase your internal temperature, making your heart beat faster and thus burning extra calories. It’s estimated that a 30 minute session can help you lose about 600 calories. And with regular use, the sauna can help speed up your metabolism, contributing even more to your weight loss battle.

Improve Your Cardiovascular Health

Infrared Sauna Blanket Benefits

The infrared sauna blanket benefits to your health are significant, especially when it comes to your cardiovascular system. In fact, a Japanese study showed that individuals who used a far infrared sauna for 15 minutes a day experienced a significant drop in blood pressure as opposed to a control group who spent that time in a “room temperature” environment. What’s more, further studies report that infrared saunas can help even out irregular heart beats and boost the endothelial function in the heart’s vessels.

Relieve Chronic Pain and Treat Sore Muscles and Joints

Infrared Sauna Blanket Benefits

Because the infrared sauna’s rays manage to penetrate deep under the skin, they can prove to be incredibly effective in relieving muscle and joint pain. The fact that the rays increase blood circulation, allows muscles and joints to receive more oxygen and thus recover faster. Not only is an infrared sauna effective in helping reduce minor aches, it’s also able to help treat some chronic conditions such as fibromyaglia and arthritis. In a study involving people with chronic pain, around 54% reported the enjoyed reduced pain and an improvement in sleep quality, as opposed to the control group which did not use any pain relief method.