The Most Powerful Reach Stacker In The World

Konecranes is a well-known manufacturer and provider of lifting solutions which are used in many industries, like manufacturing facilities, processing plants, shipyards, terminals, ports and etc. This Finnish company is specialized in manufacturing and servicing cranes and other lifting equipment. The lifting solutions by Konecranes provide a productivity boost, whether it is a service or a lifting machine. For over 80 years, the company is improving the productivity of many businesses operating in different industrial sectors.


The latest lifting solution by Konecranes is one incredible reach stacker which turned out to be the most powerful reach stacker in the world. The powerful performance of this reach stacker is a result of decades of experience and knowledge. Over the years, Konecranes designed compact and heavy-duty stacker models to suit different needs. The latest 100- tonnes reach stacker is currently been used in Esbjerg, Denmark by NC Nielsen. There, this powerful reach stacker is used for assembling wind turbines.

With a 9-m wheel base, a heavy-duty lifting hook and hydraulically supported rolling wheels, the 100-tonnes reach stacker by Konecranes is capable to deal with all kinds of loads with different weights. So far, these machines are generally used for assembling wind turbines. The reach stacker from Konecranes is custom made according to the requirements of the customers.

In the past, other heavy-duty lifting machines were used for handling extremely heavy concrete blocks in the construction industry. However, these applications were difficult to complete because assembling wind turbines was extremely challenging. However, with the introduction of the Konecranes 100-tonnes reach stacker, the assembling of wind turbines became a simple and easy process.

By choosing this 100-tonnes reach stacker, you choose tough, reliable, versatile and powerful performer.