The Unique Scrapers Design

The scrapers are heavy-duty machines used for different applications, and many contractors recognize their unique design that provides incredible flexibility and versatility. Although the comfort is not the strongest side of the scrapers, today the latest models are significantly changed and they are very easy to operate, maneuver and of course, provide more comfort for the operators. More comfortable station and new designs increase their productivity and makes them suitable for a variety of applications. The unique design of the scrapers allows operation in difficult conditions, such as preparation work at landfills. Scrapers can prepare grounds for new and continual loads of solid waste, and they are very efficient because the contractors do not need to haul the load too far from the job site.

The biggest advantage of the scrapers is the fact that they eliminate the need for multiple machines on a single project. Scrapers are extremely versatile machines that can dig, haul, load and dump. Previously, for these four operations, the contractors needed an excavator, loader and a truck. The owning/rental and operating costs for these three machines are very high. The scrapers are the most cost-efficient method for performing all these operations. In addition, the scrapers are less expensive for operation because they do not require high-maintenance.


The versatility is another big advantage of the scrapers. Maybe they are not the best machines ever produced, but they can perform a variety of tasks on a daily basis. The design of the scrapers features light tires which generate low ground pressure. Also, the scrapers are capable to operate on almost all types of soil and in very difficult weather conditions. However, the scrapers are inefficient on rocky surface and on harder clay. The big plus is that they can operate on wet ground conditions, which is very important for some construction projects.

The latest models on the market are the towed-type scrapers. The scraper manufacturers offer different models of towed-type scrapers, as many contractors around the world believe that they are more economical and more efficient. This is because the towed-type scrapers can be used with many attachments, such as rollers, disks, etc.