Tips on Master Decorating Your Home with Canvas Prints

Home décor is as important as our choice in furniture because it’s used to set the tone of the abode, create ambience, fill up awkward empty spaces with style, and most importantly, showcase the personality of the dwellers. One of the easiest ways to customise the living space is with the use of the charm and beauty of art, specifically in the form of prints as they come in just the right size allowing you a great deal of flexibility with how and where you want to place them.

How Do I Choose an Art Print?

Given that this is something you’re going to be looking at day in and day out, there’s no better way to decide than to choose something you hold near and dear, something that speaks to your heart. Before you move on to prints of modern, abstract, contemporary, and famous paintings, why not try personalised artwork to inject the walls with interest that has meaning to you and your family?

How Do I Choose an Art Print?

With the chance to upload your favourite photos of your loved ones, it’s easy to bring your digital images to life with a canvas print Australia photo businesses specialise in. Whether you want to create a gallery wall with some of your more cherished memories, be they photos of your baby, wedding moments, birthdays, or holidays, you have the chance to choose from the range of print sizes, types of framed or unframed canvas, as well as shapes.

If you’re into photography yourself, you can also count on a great artistic effect by adorning your home with some of your flora, fauna, landscape and cityscape photos turned into beautiful canvas prints with a vibrant low sheen finish. And, who knows, perhaps this would serve as an inspiration to you to further pursue the hobby, and maybe one day make a living out of it by having your own professional gallery exhibition.

For the fans of art who can’t afford to invest in an original painting, there’s always an affordable canvas print form as an alternative. If you can’t find them in the ideal price range as you imagined, you could always have them printed too. Or better yet, paint something yourself and have it transformed into a print.

In addition to considering the specs of the print itself, it’s advisable to also give your space a thought to be certain it would fit right in with your existing décor style and colour scheme. And if not, you can at least use it to create your own marking contrast thanks to the bold colours and style of this artwork piece.

How Do I Display Art Prints?

A Specially Curated Gallery Wall

The easiest and most striking way for your interior would be to create your gallery wall. Choose the reliable canvas print Australia store to entrust your most cherished memories with, have them print them out in the desired size, shape, and frame, and you can create your own collection. It’s important to test several layouts on the ground before you actually install them on the wall so you can be certain it’s something you enjoy looking at.

Three large prints add a fun wall effect much like a group of small prints, so it’s a matter of which you prefer more. Still, to count on a harmonious outcome that wouldn’t overburden the space with visual clutter, it’s recommended to group them based on something they share – could be a colour, could be a theme.

Fun Frameless Arrangements

Who said you need frames to make remarkable layouts? Sure, the frame is a detail that further adds to the overall décor, especially when teamed up with materials of the surrounding furniture pieces, however, going the frameless way opens up a scope of possibilities to create something fun and unique that showcases more of your personality.

Fun Frameless Arrangements

A simple colourful craft adhesive tape with a vibrant pattern is the medium you need to keep your lovely canvas wall art on the wall or a bulletin board. Easy to do yourself, without breaking your bank – who knew an adhesive tape could be so great beyond scrapbooking?! If this sounds too simplistic to you for your modern and sophisticated home décor, then why not display each of the prints separately? A minimalist phone stand you already have can be repurposed as a display stand, quite like a book holder.

Artwork Shelving

If you want an idea of one cool decorative feature, look no further than shelves full of artworks and memorabilia that have special meaning to you. Surrounded by all the trinkets passed down from generation to generation, the precious photo and art prints can be beautifully displayed on a designated shelf or a shelf that’s part of a showcasing furniture piece such as a bookcase or a display cabinet. Whether decorating the whole shelf with prints, or just a few scattered ones here and there, it’s your call – what you can count on is an artistic interior element full of memories.