Top 5 Flashlight Brands: Get Better Illumination, Versatility, Ergonomics, and Durability

A flashlight is one of the few items of pivotal importance most people have in their emergency bag. That alone says a lot about how important of an item this is. You want to have your flashlight with you when you go camping, hiking or driving. You want to have a backup flashlight in your garage, in your house, one in your purse or your backpack. Without exaggeration, flashlights belong in your first aid box, along with food, water, warm clothes, a weapon for self-defence and other such essentials with life-saving features.

When looking at different brands, you want to know what each has to offer. You want a durable, versatile and reliable toolbox, appropriate gear and advanced work equipment and the same criteria apply when you buy a flashlight as well. Beyond just a shine in the dark, a quality flashlight can help you see what hasn’t been seen before at night. Having one allows you a continuation with your sports activities, hiking and exploring even after the sun goes down. And most importantly, a flashlight has been a true life-saver for many people, professionals or not, in many different situations. A simple scenario as getting lost in the woods, or the possibility of getting a flat tire in the middle of the road at night are moments you’re going to wish you had a functional, durable and reliable flashlight.

klarus flashlights

1. Klarus

From simple lightweight AA battery flashlights to extreme 10000 lumens powerhouse searchlight, Klarus Australia based brand is one of the leading manufacturers you should check out. Klarus offers LED torches, keychains with light, battery flashlights, tactical LED torches and others. Known for their constant innovation and reliability, Klarus is a brand that is sought after by professionals and enthusiasts alike. They call themselves a pioneer of the dual-switch tactical flashlights, this is a brand that integrates fully its own R&D, manufacturing, sales and customer services. Founded in 2011, Klarus is dedicated to supplying Law Enforcement, Military, and Outdoor Enthusiasts with professional high-tech lighting equipment they can rely on time and time again. Their flashlights are used by soldiers in tactical teams throughout the world in the roughest of conditions and weather. As an example, the A1 Klarus rechargeable flashlight has 1100 lumens in LED power but is compact enough to carry anywhere in your pocket. Tighten the USB port and this flashlight becomes waterproof. Convenient to operate by one hand with lanyards, made with sturdy solid metal and batteries included.


2. Olight

“No one should be left in the dark” – this is the mission of Olight in their own words. Olight is the everyday person’s flashlight just as it is for military men and women. Their strengths include powerful brightness, ergonomics, variety in size and weight — and more importantly, compatibility and durable runtime. Olight strives to provide customers with the best lights in the smallest package possible for a fair price, so you have the right tools to experience the night. The spectrum of their products includes Olight LED flashlights, headlights, camping gear, self-defence, tactical lights with silent switch, lightweight and user-friendly technology. For example, the Seeker 2 Pro Flashlight is ergonomically designed to be extremely comfortable with a non-slip grip. The provided L-dock charger can be fixed on a wall close to a power source for a convenient charge. This Olight flashlight is a necessity for any indoor work, outdoor activity, or use while on duty.

3. Fenix

Fenix models are formed from aircraft-grade aluminium, special alloys and performance plastics. Each product under the brand of Fenix carries a warranty with the promise of extended life and service. Fenix is dedicated to all sportsmen and women. Especially bikers. Fenix bike lights range from 880 to 1800 lumens and can handle any lighting need of any bicyclist, even professionals. Fenix mountable bicycle lights offer innovative features like dual distance beam systems, alert flashing modes, and digital display screens. Under the logo of this brand, you may find additional accessories such as folding knives, rechargeable camping lanterns, trucker hats, t-shirts and stainless steel insulated mugs. Along with a hunting knife, a flashlight a cool trucker hat could make a perfect Christmas gift for your adventurous friends, right?


4. JETBeam

JETBeam is working hard to retain its place among the leading mid-to-high-end flashlight brands and flashlight technology developers. What makes this brand stand out are JETbeam auxiliary flashlights designed for hunting activities. Operated with one hand with a patented tactical tail switch, three colours and flashlights compatible with different batteries. Another interesting product they offer is a super miniature light, that can fit between your fingers with incredible 990 lumens performance and run time of 100 hours. Just like the above-mentioned brands, JETbeam offers an exquisite tactical pen, useful for a variety of tasks like writing, attacking or self-defence. JETBeam is successfully introducing a new series of products where they appear to be squeezing out even more light power of the same battery type while maintaining or reducing physical size.

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5. ThruNite

First established in Dongguan, Guangdong, by a previous college dropout (now the CEO David Chen) ThruNite moved to Shenzhen, the most dynamic city in China. Short for “through the night”, Thrunite carries out a mission to make things simple and effective. Thrunite’s limited edition includes waterproof, rechargeable, ergonomic flashlights with 1,5 m impact resistance. Some of the accessories that come with their lights are a holster, spare o-rings, batteries and a USB charging cable. The ThruNite Archer 2A V3 has the widest range of brightness settings, a very dim mode that can help you see or read without damaging your vision and. Like many of the best flashlights, this light has a two-button interface that lets you toggle through the brightness levels one-handed. It also has a blinding strobe mode with a unique design that makes it easy to avoid activating the strobe during regular use, unlike most competitors have it.

For yourself or as a gift, a quality flashlight is worth every cent.