Why Your Living Room Needs a Lounge Chair

When you’re thinking about living room essentials, you usually start with the classic sofa and coffee table combo. And it is only after you’ve noticed there’s space left for some additional furniture that you start to consider getting a lounge chair. But if you ask me, it should be one of the first thoughts on your mind when your goal is decorating a comfortable and stylish living room.

Quite similar to an outfit, your living room also needs a tasteful statement piece to finalize its look. So if the design of the room is the outfit, then one or a couple lounge chairs are the best accessory to make it pop. Call them lounge chairs, reading chairs, or accent chairs – they are all designed with the same purpose in mind – to serve as an extension to your sofa’s comfort while being a charming focal piece on their own.

modern lounge chair design1

Lounge chairs are not necessarily meant to match in design with the sofa, or the rest of the space for that matter. They work best when they bring an element of surprise to the room. Considering how a successful interior design scheme depends on knowing where to be loud and where to be subtle, lounge chairs are just the right amount of loud a space needs. While you can’t have a room full of accents as that will be utter chaos, bringing in one or two lounge chairs definitely works towards making the space more interesting. Feel brave to add a gorgeous accent to a dull, neutral space with a modern lounge chair design in a fun, lively colour – you can’t go wrong.

But besides being a charming accent piece, lounge chairs can also make the space more functional. They are small, and easy to move around wherever there’s need for an extra seat. And if you get kicked out of the sofa by your kids or pets – there’s plenty of room on a lounge chair that’s designed to live up to its name. Heck, you can even spread out and take a nap in some of them, like for instance the Chaise or the Eames lounge chairs. But if you don’t have enough space to fit such a large chair, you can always get a smaller one with a matching footrest that you can easily put aside or tuck under the coffee table.

Lounge chairs are literally the most versatile piece of furniture ever invented. Besides coming in a range of styles from traditional to modern lounge chair design, they also come with lots of features to maximise your comfort. You can choose between stationary or lounge chairs that come with wheels, armrests or no armrests, an adjustable reclining function, hey – even cup holders and pockets on the side for magazines and reading materials. You can even get a rocking chair if it doesn’t make you feel like an old lady. It’s safe to say that there’s a lounge chair out there for every one of us. Time to find yours!