A Comprehensive Guide to Machinery Trailers

Looking for the best options to haul expensive machinery and equipment? Look no further than Australian-built trailers ready to take on everything you can load, and deliver your goods in a safe and timely manner. Trailers built for harsh Aussie conditions and to suit a wide variety of applications is what you need. Here I’ll be focusing on the different types of trailers used in industrial, mining, farming and construction sectors to transport anything from bulk materials to the machinery you rely on to bring home the bacon.

Machinery Trailers

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Trailers used in such sectors need to be durable, reliable and up to the task. They need to accommodate the different weights of various equipment and loads, provide for quick and easy loading and unloading, and be ready to transport anything in harsh terrain, over and over again. All will feature quality build and components and can be optioned with a variety of extras to best handle your load, and with safety in mind.

Types of Machinery Trailers

Australian machinery trailers come in different designs to handle different types of equipment. From convenient universal trailers to specialised trailers used in hauling specialised pieces of gear. Here’s what’s on offer to cater to your hauling needs.

Universal Trailers

Universal trailers are practical solutions in transporting almost anything, easily adapting to all types of loads. They’re often the flatbed type and can be optioned to carry loads in different sizes and weights. Single axle trailers are smaller and convenient in transporting things like mowers, motorcycles, water and fuel tanks, tools and toolboxes and all smaller equipment and machinery. Dimensions vary, from 1800mm length and 1200mm width in smaller uni trailers to 2500mm and 1800mm in longer and wider trailers. Universal Australian machinery trailers have the end user in mind, offering durable non-slip checker plate beds made from galvanised steel, a sturdy reinforced chassis, longer drawbars for easy maneuvering, and safety features such as magnetic trailer plugs.

If you need to haul larger pieces of equipment and machinery look to tandem axle universal trailers. These come in at a longer 3500mm and are able to carry up to 3 tons. Fixed tie points in both types of uni trailers means loads are stable at all times. Options include ramps, motorcycle kits, and improved brakes and suspension. A practical trailer ideal for your business, farm or home.

Machinery Trailers

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Hydraulic Tipping Trailers

Hydraulic tippers are used on the farm and on construction sites for quick loading and unloading of building materials and farm stock. Most are tandem axles in longer and sturdier designs, including additional cross-sections in a heavy-duty chassis. Hydraulic rams can tip up to 10 tons and are operated by self-contained 12V power plants in practical aluminium toolboxes. The tray empties up to an angle of 45 degrees. Heavy-duty latches, locks and tie points keep loads secure. Tippers are either flatbeds, or as is more often the case, include high side bars. Cages, ladder racks and pantec tops can be optioned for additional versatility.

Mower and Plant Trailers

You’ll also find trailers specifically designed to carry industrial equipment and machinery. Mower and plant trailers can carry anything from lawn tractors, different types of loaders, excavators and all machinery used in various aspects of landscaping or construction work. Trailers will be suited to carrying machinery and any attachments. Machinery is loaded with fold-down ramps, that also secure the load in transportation. Considering the weight and size of such equipment, trailers will be longer, wider and with higher loading capacity. The largest plant trailers have multiple axles, can carry upwards of 30 tons, and haul extremely large machinery and equipment used in roadworks, railroad maintenance, construction, manufacturing and other large-scale projects.

Mower Trailers are specially designed for landscaping and farm use. Depending on the size of the mower, you can customize the build of the trailer. Most include fold-down ramps for quick loading and unloading, high sides with integrated mower boxes and side and front gates for storing cut grass or transporting livestock feed. Mowers are secured to fixed tie points in the floorbed, so safety is paramount.

Machinery Trailers

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Scissor Lift Trailers

To transport vehicles, machinery and equipment with low ground clearance, scissor lift trailers are used. This includes a host of warehousing equipment besides scissor lifts. Forklifts, reach stackers, pallet trucks and other gear used in material handling can be safely transported within the facility or to other areas. Slipper suspension and solid steel drop axles make easy work of heavy loads, and a corrosion resistant stainless-steel chassis adds to longevity. Load capacities are rated up to 4500kg.

Water Cartage Trailers

Trailers used to supply large quantities of water or other liquids are supplied with tough polyethylene tanks in various capacities, along with pumps and hose reels. Specialty pumps and hoses are available for both diesel and petrol. Cartage trailers can be bought in a single or tandem axle setup, with mechanical or electric brakes and the suspension of your choice. Water cartage trailers are used on farms, by firefighters, councils and anyone with large acreages.

Buying Australian machinery trailers is easy. Retailers can customise the trailer according to your specifications and the type of equipment or machinery you regularly use. All manufacturers offer warranties on their products and some include free roadside assistance.