Armchair: The Must Have Piece of Furniture for Every Interior


I’ve always been passionate about books since they give the easiest and quickest way out of the surroundings and make you feel like you can immediately embark on a new journey, visiting new places, real or imaginary, meeting new people, be they fictional or actual heroes of bygone eras, and getting to know them up close and personal. What this means is I use up every chance I get to be in the company of a good book, and I get so involved in the stories that I simply forget the world around me. Though there’s nothing wrong with spending my life as a bibliophile, I must say giving books all of my attention during reading didn’t feel so good afterwards because I wasn’t very mindful of the way I sat.

After getting a few aches and pains, and doing a little research on the right postures during reading, I figured the importance of my furniture. Throughout recent years I adopted minimalism basically because I needed the open space and a change of lifestyle so let’s just say furniture hasn’t exactly been the focus, thinking less is always more, but that was until that point. It was either plain interior (or empty as my family and friends liked to describe it) or body aches, so I decided an additional item in my furniture section wouldn’t hurt (literally).

Looking for the comfortable piece, I didn’t look further than sofas and yet it was an armchair that won me over. Orange with black edged upholstery and dark birch legs, I thought this classical design wouldn’t exactly blend well with my interior, but I felt the urge to buy it. I combined it with an ottoman in a more subtle orange and magic happened. Reading time couldn’t have become any more enjoyable.

Surprisingly, it was the perfect contrast I needed to make the place seem a bit more vivid, taking into account most of my home is white with a dash of neutral hued details. Though at first I just considered using it to create my secret reading corner, I sometimes used it as part of my living room interior as well which is how I got the idea of creating a cosy sitting area with four armchairs around my stylish circular coffee table instead of the sofa.

With so many varieties for sale, it’s not that much of a difficulty finding one’s perfect armchair. Getting armchairs was my gateway to becoming a fan of interior decorating as I got rid of the sofa and my experiment resulted in an even more open space with a warm and lively focal point. Buying them in different patterns and designs made my space all the more pleasant and inviting, and I could see it in the faces of my loved ones; my home is now their favourite place for a hangout over a cup of coffee and a slice of cake.

Long story short, I am now a minimalist who isn’t afraid of mixing things up interior-wise to the degree of buying a piece more, and I am more satisfied with my home now that armchairs made their way into it. Get on your quest for the accent chair, and be prepared to be amazed by the colourful world you could create.