Baby Sippy Cup – Features to Look for to Make the Transition Easier

When the time comes for your baby to graduate to drinking from a cup, a baby sippy cup can be your best friend. Although experts recommend giving up the bottle somewhere between 12 and 24 months, there is a learning period that is sure to result in ample spills in the meantime, which is where sippy cups are very helpful. You can introduce a baby sippy cup to your child as soon as he/she can sit in a high chair to eat solid foods (usually around 7 to 8 months). Once you make the switch, make sure you discontinue bottle use, as the bottle habit will get harder to break the longer you wait. Also, limit the use of the sippy cup to mealtimes and to quench thirst only. Like bottles, sippy cups can lead to cavities if they’re used all the time.

If you’ve been searching for a baby sippy cup online, you already know that there are many choices to pick from. So, how do you know which baby sippy cup is best for your child? Here’s a bit of help on the matter.

baby sippy cup

Features to Look For

There are several sippy cup features that can help make the transition easier.

  • Leak-Free – One of the greatest things about a sippy cup is that it helps prevent spills as your child learns to drink from a cup. Some models are more leak-proof than others.
  • Easy to Clean – Spouts and straws are the perfect place for gunk to build up and germs to develop, so make sure to get a baby sippy cup that is easy to clean. Look for cups that can be washed or sterilized in the dishwasher to avoid the possibility of mould.
  • Free of Harmful Chemicals – Although most sippy caps are BPA-free, there are still some chemicals that may leak from the plastic. To avoid harmful chemicals, there is a number of eco-friendly materials, such as stainless steel, silicone, and glass, that you can choose from.
  • Ease to Use – Cups with handles or ones made from an easy-to-grip material are easier for your kid’s little hands to pick them up.

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Types of Sippy Cups

There are four main types of sippy cups: soft spout, hard spout, straw, and flat lid. Straws and soft spouts are very popular choices as they resemble nipples and are easy for toddlers to learn how to drink from. Whether you decide to start with a spouted cup or go right to a straw, try to be as consistent as possible and give your child plenty of time to adjust to this new way of drinking.