Watersport Equipment – Exploring the Different Types of Towable Tubes

Fun, relaxation, family and friends… that’s what summer beach and lake dreams are all about. So, why not make the most out of your summer vacation this year with the exciting and simple activity of water tubing? Towing a tube behind your jetski is one of the most versatile and age-friendly activities that the entire family can enjoy.

However, with today’s innovative designs of these awesome pieces of watersport equipment, choosing the right towable tube can be tricky. Some models offer a fast, exciting ride while others create a slower and more leisure ride. Some tubes accommodate adults and children comfortably, while others accommodate only two persons. So, when shopping for this watersport equipment, make sure you check its max weight and rider limit to stay safe. Let’s take a look at the most common types of towable tubes on the market and their features.

watersport equipment

Open Top Tubes

Also called ‘doughnut style’ tubes, open-top tubes are versatile and a good option for people of all ages and rider levels. You can ride this tube in several ways to make the most out of it. For example, for a more relaxed ride, you can ride it with your bottom in the middle and your feet draped over the side. For a more thrill-seeking ride, you can lie on your belly with your head forward and feet toward the back. Some open top tubes have larger holes and are better suited for larger kids, teens, and adults, so it is wise to check the tube’s dimensions if it is intended for small children.

watersport equipment 2

Deck Tubes

These tubes offer a fast ride and require a stronger grip to stay onboard. Due to their large and flat surface, lying on your belly and holding tight, is the best way to ride them. The design of the tube lends itself to flipping over after hitting a wake or a wave, but the large, flat surface makes it easy to board after falling off. But don’t worry, falling off is just part of the fun!

watersport equipment 3

Ride-in & Cockpit Style Tubes

This style of tube can benefit younger kids or those looking for a more relaxed ride. With a ride-in/cockpit tube, riders sit low inside and toward the back of the tube, resulting in a smoother take-off and safer ride. Available in different shapes and sizes to accommodate one to four passengers, these tubes are stable and rarely flip over due to wakes and waves.

Rocker Tubes

Featuring a curved surface, rocker tubes provide a unique experience while giving the ridder extra maneuverability by allowing then to shift their weight from side to side. Due to their potential for harder whips and twists, rocker tubes are a better option for more extreme riders.