Be Prepared For The Bushfire Season

The summer season is coming again. Aside from all the fun activities summer brings, every year the danger of bushfire is looming. Each year bushfire causes massive and severe damage to the environment and many households and often many innocent lives are lost. Particularly affected are those who live near the forest or in the areas that have lush vegetation because these regions have ideal conditions for bushfire. Humans are major and most common culprits to any type of fire, but what matters is that people can also act responsibly and prevent and stop fires and minimize the damage. Below are few tips on how to be well prepared in a case of bushfire.


The fire fighting pumps are becoming a must-have device of almost every house, especially those located in or near areas which are prone to bushfire. But just having fire fighting pumps is not enough. There are many other things that need to be known in order to properly act in the event of bushfire. Yes, in the event of bushfire, highly trained fire fighters will do all to stop the fire. But this is not a 100% guarantee that your home may not be affected by bushfire. What you need is to be well prepared as this is the best way to protect your house from bushfire, at least to some extent.

The first thing to do is develop an evacuation plan in a case of fire. This is very important. Go over all the details with your family members and if possible, conduct few fire drills as it will help you and your family members practice fast evacuation. In fine details explain to all family members how to act in case of a bushfire to prevent last minute decisions which are proven to be fatal. With well prepared plan every house has better chances against the bushfire. Make sure all the members of the house are well informed and know exactly what to do in case of fire.

Also, it is very important to always have a back up plan in case something goes wrong. And in most cases, something always goes wrong because bushfire is unpredictable and the conditions can change quickly. Preparing the property around the house is another thing that needs to be done. This includes:

  • cleaning the property from rubbish and vegetation that can burn very easily

  • search for the places where even the smallest embers can start a fire

  • throw away any hazardous items from the house

  • create a secure and big enough access for the fire trucks

  • buy more fire fighting pumps and place them in different places around the house

A secure and safe place is also necessary if there are pets or livestock. And perhaps the crucial thing is to be physically and mentally prepared to fight off the blaze. It is important not to panic when fire rages and to know how to use fire fighting equipment like fire fighting pumps properly. The battle against bushfire can be exhausting and stressful, but a well prepared and protected house has higher chances of surviving bushfire with minimal loss.

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